March 24, 2008
The Links
College Hoops Hangover

Villanova advanced to the Sweet 16. :: Al Tielemans/SI
What a weekend. The last team chosen for the tournament, Villanova, advanced to the Sweet 16 along with underdogs Davidson and Western Kentucky. UCLA squeaked past Texas A&M (with the help of some shady officiating) and the Lopez twins channelled their inner Michael Jackson to help Stanford advance.'s Stewart Mandel has the full wrap-up.
JoePa 101
Good news for Penn State fans trying to better understand their 81-year-old coach. The school is offering a class this fall entitled "Joe Paterno, Communications and The Media," in which students will study the coach's relationship with the media, as well as his role in general as a communicator.
For the Quidditch Fans in the Room
Sick of college hoops? We suggest hopping in your car and following the Middlebury College Quidditch team as it tours the northeast this week playing games against Princeton, Columbia, Vassar and Dartmouth.
A Rough Two Years
What happened to Adam Morrison? Is it OK to be scared of someone who may be best known for crying in the middle of a basketball court?
America's Team

How can anyone not root for Davidson? :: AP
The Davidson Wildcats are quickly becoming America's underdog team, and frankly, we think the above picture (and the Sweet Carolina sing-a-long) have something to do with it. Can you say, Carlton Dance?
50 Things You Can Do With a Tennis Ball
Our list ended at play tennis and play fetch with our dog, Norman.
Random Story We Found Amusing
A group of high school students in Green Bay, Wisc. threw a kegger, only to have the cops come and break it up. We know, not that interesting a story until the cops found the kegs and realized they were filled with root beer.
Pop Culture Nugget
Eva Longoria is a little scary-looking without all the makeup.
Today in Hot Clicks
Vote for hottest NBA dance team ... MLB previews ... Top 10 Wrestlemanias ... Protests we want to see ... Best underdog movies.
Odds and Ends
In Chapel Hill, all the fire trucks are Carolina blue ... Here are eight reasons to watch the NCAA women's tournament ... We don't know why, but someone stole $6,000 worth of beehives from Penn State ... Michigan State's Sparty won EA Sports' mascot contest to see who will grace the cover of NCAA 2009 on Wii ... Someone spent $1,350 on a corn flake that is shaped like the state of Illinois ... Gorgeous women like plain-looking guys? Why didn't anyone tell us?
Videos of the Day
Dolls Reenact Duke-Belmont

This is way more entertaining than anything we've seen on Sportscenter lately.

Michigan's Message to Terrelle Pryor

At least they're not bitter.

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