March 25, 2008
The Links
A Reason to Like UCLA

UCLA students enjoy their winter undie run. :: Photo courtesy of laist.
Sure, UCLA's victory over Texas A&M was due in large part to the referees, but SIOC doesn't think you should hate on the Bruins for getting a few close calls. After all, what other school would provide us with such great pics from its annual undie run.
When Cheerleaders Attack
Nobody is a bigger fan of college cheerleading than SIOC. However, when those cheerleaders leave their signs out, and those signs result in a torn ACL, well, that's not so good.
Vote for Campus Clicks
In honor of March Madness, The Big Lead is running a 2008 Culture Tournament and wouldn't you know, Campus Clicks is pitted against our good friend Jimmy Traina and Hot Clicks. We're not going to bash Jimmy, but it's worth noting that he forced everyone to watch American Idol during's fantasy baseball draft, claims Mila Kunis "doesn't do it for him" and has a man-crush on this guy.
Common Sense 101
Memo to college athletes -- stop posting pictures on Facebook of you and your teammates getting drunk. The latest athletes to learn this lesson are on the Slippery Rock men's and women's track teams, and they now face suspension.
Mountain(eer) Man

West Virginia's Mountaineer strikes a pose. :: Kirby Lee/US Presswire
After reading this profile of the West Virginia Mountaineer, we urge every WVU student to stop and shake his hand next time they cross paths. The guy has been to 270 athletic events in the past two years, not to mention public appearances, charity events and all that fun stuff.
More Champions Crowned
For those too consumed with college hoops to pay attention to other NCAA sports, the Iowa wrestling team won the national championship (its 21st overall), as did the Arizona women's swim team and the Minnesota-Duluth women's hockey team. Congratulations.
Life of the World's Tallest Man
We enjoyed this slideshow of 8-foot-5 Leonid Stadnik -- the world's tallest living man -- doing normal activities like getting into a car and riding a bike.
Pop Culture Nugget
Playgirl wants Eliot Spitzer to pose naked for an upcoming issue.
Today in Hot Clicks
Table-top beer taps ... Derek Jeter enjoyed his offseason ... Honoring athletes with dreadlocks ... Guerilla pranks.
Odds and Ends
Good to see Penny Hardaway still supports Memphis (and corn dogs) ... UCF students sent their fecal matter into space ... We enjoyed this profile of Colorado State's 13-year-old math whiz kid ... It looks like its fun to play beer pong on the beach ... Former Alabama QB Jay Barker landed himself a good-looking girlfriend (and country music star).
Videos of the Day
The Bruce is Loose

Ryan Parker hits another home run with this homage to Bruce Pearl.
Reptile Attacks Reporter

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