March 28, 2008
The Links
Virginia Tech Beats Olympic Team

Jenny Finch and the U.S. Olympic softball team were beaten by VaTech. :: Stewart Shining/SI, AP
Before playing Virginia Tech on Wednesday, the U.S. Olympic softball team had a 185-game winning streak in pre-Olympic exhibitions stretching back to 1996. The Hokies did not let it extend to 186, as the lovely Angela Tincher threw a no-hitter to beat Jenny Finch (above) and the U.S. team.
Duke is the Nation's Most Popular Hoops Team?
It is, at least according to the 2,513 U.S. adults questioned in the Harris Interactive Poll who chose Duke, North Carolina and Indiana as the three most popular teams. Clearly, those polled have never seen the most annoying players of the Coach K era, or Duke's newest recruit, floor-slapping madman Bradley Grayson.
My Dorm Room was a School Library Couch
We liked this tale of George Washington sophomore Marco Chomut, who, after being evicted from his dorm room, made a home in the sixth floor of the school library for an entire month.
No Free Couch for You!
Bad news for Memphis fans who hoped a Tigers national championship would result in a free couch. It turns out the promotion is illegal.
Coming to a Theater Near You

Are we the only ones looking forward to Point Break 2?
Den of Geeks dug through some upcoming movie production logs and came up with this list of TV shows that will soon be movies, along with a bunch of sequels in the works. Our favorite -- Point Break 2.
High School Bruce Pearl
We're not sure what's worse for Tennesee coach Bruce Pearl -- last night's loss by the Vols in the Sweet 16 or the afro he used to wear in high school.
Pop Culture Nugget
If someone were to "untoon" Homer Simpson, here is what he'd look like. While we're on The Simpsons, here is a five-minute video of every couch gag from the show's opening sequence.
Today in Hot Clicks
Kim Kardashian talks Reggie Bush, Wrestlemania ... Worst sports movie castings ... Lakers reveiw 21 ... Great Bill Raftery quotes.
Odds and Ends
John Wooden is a big Kevin Love fan ... Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen has bulked up since last season ... Speaking of Notre Dame, some football players broke an obscure NCAA rule by practicing with the women's basketball team ... We have a feeling this former Wolverine won't be welcome in Ann Arbor if he becomes a Buckeye.
Videos of the Day
The Tuberfield Trailer

In case you didn't know, Auburn owns Alabama.

Greg Oden Goes Grocery Shopping

Greg Oden hasn't played in a minute of pro basketball, yet he is the NBA's most entertaining personality not named Shaquille O'Neal or Delonte West.

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