April 01, 2008
The Links
A Reason for Stanford to Smile

Stanford students will make a lot of money after they graduate. :: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Stanford may have been eliminated from the tournament and its two best players may be heading for the NBA, but here's something the Cardinal faithful can smile at -- the median income of their graduates is higher than the other 64 tournament teams. Payscale.com has a look at how the brackets would pan out if victories were determined by salaries of the school's graduates.
Building the Perfect Beer Pong Table
This is one way for West Virginia students to get over Rich Rodriguez's exile to Ann Arbor.
Worst Sweet 16, Ever?
Is this year's tournament boring? Judging by the TV ratings, the answer is yes. The Meaningful Collateral hands out grades for all of last weekend's games.
JoePa Disses Bill Clinton
We love the way Joe Paterno -- a noted Republican -- said no thanks to the opportunity of meeting Bill Clinton when he visited Penn State last week. Though we did not know that Hillary Clinton's father and brother both played football for the Nittany Lions.
Pac-Man Comes to Life

South Carolina students love their Pac-Man. :: AP, Sean Meyers/Icon SMI
Nobody loves an offbeat story more than SIOC, but even this one has us scratching our heads. The Association for Computing Machinery -- a student group at South Carolina -- held a live re-creation of Pac-Man, complete with students dressed as shiny ghosts chasing a guy wearing a Pac-Man helmet through a maze. Seriously (thanks to UWire for the tip).
April Fools Day Joke or Not
We saw these two items and we are stumped as to whether it's real or not. First, a company in New York City is letting people rent puppies for $45 a day. Second, Mr. T snapped a boy out of his coma just by visiting him.
Grossest Campus Clicks Item, Ever
A guy in Toronto became the first person to get an eyeball tattoo.
Pop Culture Nugget
The Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off has found its Dylan, though from the description of the character, he sounds a lot more like Brandon to me.
Today in Hot Clicks
Miss America does Opening Day ... Caray controversy ... NCAA signs you won't see on TV ... Bad MLB ads ... April Fool's links ... Broncos cheerleader tryouts.
Odds and Ends
The Indiana hoops program is a mess ... Here are the top 10 fraternities and sororities at Michigan ... Florida State QB Drew Weatherford had knee surgery ... Here is John Calipari looking "like a jackass" ... Who knew so many college students were virgins ...
Videos of the Day
Five April Fools Office Pranks

We do not recommend No. 3, though.

Gymnastics Bloopers

This is why we never did gymnastics (and not the fact that we can barely touch our toes).

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