April 02, 2008
The Links
Syracuse Professor Takes a Stand

These Syracuse students better not text during class. :: Jerome Davis/Icon SMI
Some professors accept technology as a way of life and look the other way at students sending out text messages in the middle of class. Syracuse's Laurence Thomas is not one of them. The renowned philosophy professor has enacted a new policy -- if he catches a student sending text messages or reading a newspaper in class, he'll end the class on the spot and walk out. And he's already done it.
For the Ladies
At SIOC, we tend to skew our content toward a male audience with cheerleaders, swimsuit models and hot college students. But today we have a gift for the ladies -- the Idaho men's football team, topless and covered in baby oil. Enjoy!
SIOC Police Blotter
Lots of police activity to report. Two Portland State basketball players were arrested for beating up and nearly killing a bouncer who wouldn't let them into the VIP room of a club in Mexico. At South Carolina, two women's hoops players were arrested on possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and financial card theft charges. Lastly, a football player at UMass was arrested for ... well ... you can read it and make your own jokes.
Rich Rodriguez -- Ladies Man
Lloyd Carr was never cool enough to get the admiration of fans like this.
The Evolution of UMass

Dr. J is a proud UMass alum. :: Wil Blanche/SI
UMass may have missed the Big Dance, but the Minutemen are making a lot of noise in the NIT, coming from 22 points down to beat Syracuse last week and defeating Florida last night to advance to the finals. After suffering through Bruiser Flint and Steve Lappas, the UMass basketball program is finally respectable again, which is nice because it produced some great players (Julius Erving, Marcus Camby), future coaches (Rick Pitino, Al Skinner) and SIOC web producers (me).
Best Video Game, Ever
Video game technology may advance to levels we can't even imagine over the course of our lifetime, but we don't see any game matching the genius of Wii's newest game, Super Pii Pii Brothers, in which contestants strap on a belt harness device and virtually pee into a toilets.
Advice for Tom Crean
Dear Tom, SIOC congratulates you on your newest coaching challenge at Indiana, but for the love of God, please stay away from the tanning booth.
Pop Culture Nugget
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure III? It may happen.
Today in Hot Clicks
Miss America does Opening Day ... Caray controversy ... NCAA signs you won't see on TV ... Bad MLB ads ... April Fool's links ... Broncos cheerleader tryouts.
Odds and Ends
Missouri QB Chase Daniel "passed" the first pitch at the Cardinals home opener in St. Louis on Monday ... The USA Today has no respect for Ole Miss (or the NIT) ... Ball State softball team gets money and pizza for playing at Notre Dame ... A federal judge ruled that beer makers must market to college students ... USC's quarterback battle is heating up.
Videos of the Day
Praising Gus Johnson

We haven't given any love to college basketball's best announcer in quite a while, so this is for you, Gus.

The Billiards Prodigy

At 7, this kid is a trick-shot machine.

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