April 03, 2008
The Links
One Reason to Cheer for Memphis

Memphis fans will get a free BBQ sandwich if Memphis wins it all. :: David E. Klutho/SI
As if the honor of being a national champion isn't enough, Memphis fans now have another incentive for their Tigers to win it all this weekend -- free barbecue sandwiches!
Kansas State Football = Wimpy
SIOC lost a tiny bit of respect for Kansas State with the news that the Wildcats paid Fresno State $250,000 to back out of a scheduled home game against the Bulldogs. Why? Because Fresno State is a decent team (No. 3 in the WAC) who defeated the Wildcats 45-29 last season and the last thing K-State needs is a challenging nonconference schedule.
Annoying April Fool's Day Joke
You have to feel bad for the 300 car owners at the University of Wisconsin who returned from class to find their tires deflated and a note with the message, "Happy Fossil Fuel Day! Drive Less" stuck to their windshields.
Hating on Charlie Weis
Sorry to be so negative today, but the Wizard of Odds went into detail about how Coach Crewcut treated former QB Demetrius Jones, and let's just say he wasn't very nice.
Eli Day at Ole Miss

Eli Manning will be honored at Ole Miss next week. :: Bill Frakes/SI
Five years after his exit from Oxford, Ole Miss will honor Eli Manning on April 12. But the Super Bowl MVP will have to share the honors with Patrick Willis, the reigning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. So if you happen to be Oxford on April 12, stop by and celebrate Eli Manning-Patrick Willis Day.
Disturbing Trend of the Week
Since we don't want to get fired, we're simply going to provide two links (here and here) and let you make your own jokes.
Pam Anderson Item of the Week
When we first heard Pamela Anderson refused to act alongside a dog, we thought she was a little full of herself. Then we remembered this poster and Pam's strong support of PETA and all was right with the world again.
Pop Culture Nugget
Charles Barkley and Stuart Scott were hanging out at a bar in Raleigh ... with Mr. Belding.
Today in Hot Clicks
The 2008 Hottest Sports Wives Tournament ... YOU can rent Dennis Rodman ... Bartman apology ... Fun with T-shirts.
Odds and Ends
UMass hoops coach Travis Ford may be heading to LSU ... Here are the many faces of Tyler Hansbrough ... Is LSU finally done with Ryan Perrilloux? ... Here's what the brackets would look like if the regionals of the NCAA tournament were actually separated by geographic region ... Nobody spins a pen like this dude.
Videos of the Day
Joe Paterno at Practice

At 81, he's still kicking ass (in a good way).

Live Action Pac-Man

Earlier this week, we told you about South Carolina students playing a real-life version of Pac-Man. We imagine it looked something like this.

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