April 04, 2008
The Links
Ohio State Finally Wins a Championship!

Ohio State fans are celebrating the Buckeyes NIT championship. :: Aaron Josefczyk/Icon SMI
Congratulations to THE Ohio State University for finally winning a postseason basketball tournament. Yes, it's the NIT and we're not sure how much it matters, but it's still a championship and after too many second-place finishes, it's nice to see the Buckeyes as the top dog.
Poor Sarah Marshall
By now, you've likely seen the ads for the soon-to-be released movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall with slogans such as "You do look fat in those jeans Sarah Marshall" and "My Mom always hated you Sarah Marshall." Kinda funny, unless you're Texas Christian University senior Sarah Marshall and people are calling you every 10 seconds to make sure you're OK.
Tommy Bowden's Mildly Disturbing Comments
We're not passing any judgment -- we just want to point you toward Clemson coach Tommy Bowden's comments about freshman Kyle Parker, a two-sport athlete who is tearing it up for the Tigers baseball squad.
OU Student Takes Shot at Yale
U.S. News and World Report may rank Oklahoma No. 108 in academics, but that didn't stop a Sooner from calling out Yale -- the No. 3 ranked school -- for having a class on Harry Potter.
Carroll the Kidder

Pete Carroll is quite the joker. :: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images
Love him or hate him, Pete Carroll knows how to play a good practical joke. The latest victim is defensive end Everson Griffen, who was threatened with arrest for abusing a freshman. Only the abuse turned out to be on the practice field. We still think it pales in comparison to his Halloween stunt two years ago, but others didn't find that one so funny.
FSU Bomb Scare
An overzealous security guard at Florida State called police when they found a suspicious looking suitcase in a parking garage with the label "A. Bomb" on it. Turns out the suitcase belonged to a 17-year-old high school student whose nickname is A. Bomb. We applaud this security guard, as anything that could potentially harm the lovely Alyssa needs to be taken seriously.
Very Disturbing Arrest of the Day
This has nothing to do with college, but this story just amazed us. A man in Boulder, Colo. was arrested on Thursday after police said he crashed a memorial service, grabbed the breast of the deceased woman's sister and showed her mother pornographic pictures.
Pop Culture Nugget
John Mayer vs. Perez Hilton? Yup, it's on.
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
John McCain never misses an episode of The Hills.
Final Four Coaches -- South Park style
This picture cracks us up.
Today in Hot Clicks
NBA cheerleaders vs. European cheerleaders ... How Jessica spices things up for Tony ... '80s bash ... Athletes afflicted with gingervitis ... Major cheap shot.
Odds and Ends
A Clemson football player makes the box of Cheaties cereal ... Rich Rodriguez actually played the slavery card in regard to his West Virginia buyout ... Speaking of R-Rod, it looks like he's going with a freshman walk-on as the team's starting QB this year ... The Atlanta Journal Constitution got fooled pretty badly on April Fool's Day ... Tiger Woods doesn't seem to like Jim Nantz very much.
Videos of the Day
Keep Your Eyes on the Game!

Steve Lavin and Brad Nessler drool over Jimmy Dykes' wife.

Hillary-Obama Song

If you liked the Sarah Silverman-Matt Damon duet, you'll love this remix (warning -- strong language involved).

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