April 07, 2008
The Links
All's Calm at Kansas and Memphis

Michigan State's annual Cedar Fest turned into a riot. :: AP
As Kansas and Memphis prepare for tonight's finale, we were somewhat surprised and impressed by the good behavior shown by both schools. At Kansas, the only wrongdoing appeared to be some students streaking while at Memphis, there was nary a peep. In fact, the worst we can say for Saturday night is that Derrick Rose ought to watch his language during postgame press conferences.
Not So at Michigan State
Neither Memphis nor Kansas fans rioted after Saturday's games, but students at Michigan State picked up the slack during its annual Cedar Fest held at the Cedar Village apartments. The State News has the full report with pics, video and first-hand accounts of the madness.
A Disturbing Matt Leinart Picture
The initial set of pics involving Matt Leinart, four girls and a beer funnel may have led to much more controversy than necessary, but we demand Mr. Leinart come forward and explain this puzzling shot of him and three dudes. Seriously. It's the most embarrassing athlete picture since this shot of Brady Quinn channeling The Village People.
Even the NBA Picks on Duke
How do you wake up a dead NBA crowd? Show images of Coach K and other Duke players while the opposing team is shooting free throws, of course.
SIOC's One Wish: A Competitive Title Game

Florida won two championships in rather undramatic fashion. :: Win McNamee/Getty Images
We don't really have a preference as to who wins tonight's finale, but we're just hoping for a good game. Why? Because the last seven title games have ... to put it mildly ... sucked.
One Shining Moment Alternatives
Sometime around midnight tonight, after a national champion is crowned, CBS will show its annual tournament montage set to One Shining Moment. We're not suggesting they change the song, as it's a classic, but if they did, here are some alternatives.
Pop Culture Nugget
Before he married Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown was getting it on with ... Madonna!
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
Tom Cruise has his own brand of marijuana. And he's not happy about it.
Today in Hot Clicks
The next Anna Kournikova ... Michael Vick's breaking the huddle behind bars ... Was Jake Peavy's hand caught in the brownie jar?
Odds and Ends
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are playing a benefit concert for Barack Obama at Indiana ... Here are the 50 best jokes of the past year ... A defensive end at Arizona was suspended for some shady behavior with a ladyfriend ... Even the ladder used to cut down the nets in tonight's game has been sponsored.
Videos of the Day
A Tribute To Roy Williams' Ties

Maybe it's time to let the wife dress you.

Prank of the Day

Warning: Swearing involved (though we'd be angry too if someone dropped a water balloon on our head).

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