April 09, 2008
The Links
Congrats to Candace and the Crew

Congrats to Tennessee for winning the national championship. :: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images
Big ups to the Tennessee women's basketball team for capturing the national championship last night. The victory marked the final game for Candace Parker, who cannot only dunk but is also the dream girl of many young men (and one mediocre NBA player).
If Everyone Was From Ohio
Our favorite Wolverines blog, MichiganZone, let us know what celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone would look like if they were from Ohio. And in more exciting OSU-Michigan news, Rich Rodriguez and Jim Tressel do not appear to like one another.
Kansas - The Aftermath
It's been more than 24 hours since Kansas won the national championship and the haters have come out. College OTR has five reasons to hate the Jayhawks while Busted Coverage looks at the ever-annoying hipsters among those celebrating in Lawrence.
No Laptop for You
Enjoy your in-class IM'ing and Scrabulous games while you can. Several professors at USC have banned laptops from class and are forcing students to (gasp!) take notes by hand.
From the Rumor Mill

Will John Calipari leave Memphis to coach the Knicks? :: Michael J. LeBrecht II/1Deuce3 Photography
As John Calipari prepared his Memphis squad for Monday's finale against Kansas, word around San Antonio was that coach Cal wanted to give the NBA another shot and the Knicks are a distinct possibility.
Fun with Wood
We're not sure what's more impressive -- this NC State student who is building a 700 horsepower "supercar" out of wood or this person who spent six years building a model Formula-1 car ... out of matchsticks.
One Memphis Fan is Happy the Tigers Lost
And that fan is Chad Spencer, co-owner of the three Ashley Homestores, who promised refunds on furniture if Memphis won the NCAA championship.
Pop Culture Nugget
Hugh Hefner turns 82 today -- and Pam Anderson gave him the best present anyone could ask for.
Today in Hot Clicks
Hottest sports wife tournament update ... Soccer face or porn face? ... Mets get Rick Rolled ... Most ridiculous Vitale moments ... Distinct coaches.
Odds and Ends
A Penn State wide receiver was booted from the team for threatening a teammate with an eight-inch knife ... Although that's better than what this Penn State athlete was arrested for last week ... Dick Butkus is not such a fan of the Butkus Award ... John David Booty needs to lay off the Doritos.
Videos of the Day
Idiot of the Day

Why anyone would ever jump into a cactus patch is beyond us (warning: swearing is involved).

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor
Fun With Soccer

If soccer ever had an And-1 Mixtape Tour equivalent, these kids would be the stars.

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