April 10, 2008
The Links
Time to Crown a New Cowgirl

FSU has plenty of hotties, but who will be the next Cowgirl? :: Bill Frakes/SI
We love our good friend Jenn Sterger as much as the next guy, but life must move on, and in Tallahassee that means it's time to pick a new Cowgirl. Warchant has the six finalists and since the girls above are not in the running, we'll instead put our eggs in the Kara Kovich basket.
SMU Football Team Does the YMCA
Just in case June Jones taking over SMU's football program wasn't reason enough to get excited about the Mustangs, this hilarious video should do the trick. Take that, Yankees groundskeepers.
The Nation's Hottest College Student Is ...
This Gator, at least according to College Mansion. Our vote was this Alabama fan, but nobody takes us seriously.
Your Grandmother is a Liar
We're not saying Syracuse's Donte Green is making a mistake by entering the NBA draft (one mock draft has him projected at No. 15 to Phoenix), but we think his grandma has some explaining to do after saying he'd be staying at the 'Cuse.
Michigan, Mario and Marijuana

Mario Manningham admitted to smoking pot while at Michigan. :: Doug Benc/Getty Images
Mark Snyder of The Detroit Free Press raises an excellent question. If Michigan receiver Mario Manningham admitted to failing two marijuana tests while at Michigan, why did he continue to play for the Wolverines?
Political Note from SIOC
We knew better than to publicly endorse a candidate, but we do endorse a certain female candidate paying a school back the $6,350 she owes it.
The 15 Geekiest Watches Ever Created
Campus Squeeze comes through with another fantastic list.
Pop Culture Nugget
We can't say enough good things about this photo essay chronicling the surprisingly exciting life of Dennis Haskins (a.k.a. -- Mr. Belding).
Today in Hot Clicks
NHL's newest celeb blogger ... Jose Canseco's new gig ... South Park takes on Bill Belichick ... Last bracket of '08 ... Top comedy sketches.
Odds and Ends
NCAA coaches were not happy about all the beer commercials during the Final Four ... Arizona forward Chase Budinger is entering the NBA draft (but not hiring an agent) ... Ohio State professors have access to their students' (not so) confidential financial records ... An NC State student tried to sell her vote for democratic nominee on eBay ... SI now has a group on Facebook -- and you should join.
Videos of the Day
Allen Fieldhouse Reacts to Chalmers' Shot

After seeing the reaction in Lawrence, we can't believe this was the biggest controversy surrounding students' celebrating the Jayhawks' national championship.

News Reporting Nightmares

Here's a great compilation on the dangers of news reporting.

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