April 17, 2008
The Links
The Apple and The Tree

Vanessa Hudgens has some competition. :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Just when we thought Houston Nutt was the most interesting member of his family, along comes his 17-year-old daughter, Haven, and this incredible video tribute to Zac Efron. Watch your back, Vanessa Hudgens!
What It Takes to Get Into USC
Is USC becoming the Harvard of the West Coast? Not quite.
Greatest Field Trip in College History
We don't know much about brothels (other than what we've learned on HBO's Cathouse), but the same can't be said of a group of Randolph College students who visited the Chicken Ranch -- a legal brothel outside Las Vegas -- in an effort to "study American consumption."
Michael Beasley -- Best Freshman Ever
Rush the Court compares Michael Beasley's freshman-year stats to those of other college hoops greats to make the case that Beasley is the best freshman of all time. Though we think defense should be given a higher emphasis, he makes a pretty compelling case.
What an Ass!

This trophy was accidentally shattered by a recruit. :: AP
The mystery of Florida's shattered 2006 BCS Championship trophy has been solved. The culprit is the tight end recruit Orson Charles (more specifically, Charles' backside), who accidentally knocked the trophy off its pedestal during a visit to UF last weekend.
Best Bra Ever
The story is about a contest Macy's is holding to find the greatest bra story, but we can't get past the bra in the picture.
It's never fun when your friend throws a butter knife at your head and you need doctors to remove the four inches of blade lodged between your scalp and skull.
Pop Culture Nugget
Paris Hilton has apologized to Kim Kardashian for saying Kardashian's butt reminded her of "cottage cheese inside a big trash bag."
Today in Hot Clicks
Celeb First Pitches: The good, the bad and the ugly ... History of Cubs injuries ... More disgusting fans ... LeBron loves to look good ... Politician loves Ric Flair.
Odds and Ends
Georgia State's new football team will cost each student $85 ... Thirty-one Penn State students who were involved in a daylong sit-in were arrested ... Harvard students must've enjoyed this woman's performance ... Duke students don't seem very excited about this "dirty" new Web site.
Videos of the Day
Hitler Freestyles

Just when we thought nobody could top Heidi Montag's rhymes ...

Rem-Dog Takes a Spill

Boston Red Sox play-by-play man Jerry Remy shows off his air guitar skills ... and pays the price.

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