April 18, 2008
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Worst Spring Concerts

Fergie's concert at Penn State was cancelled. :: Nick Doan/Icon SMI
Would you be excited if your spring concert featured the Gin Blossoms or Third Eye Blind? We didn't think so. We were going to add Fergie to the list, but the NCAA already made sure her Penn State concert scheduled for Friday night won't happen. Who's playing at your school's spring concert?
Spelling 101
Every year, Alabama honors its football captains by putting their names and hand prints in the cement at Denny Chimes in Tuscaloosa. Unfortunately for 2007 captain Antoine Caldwell, his teammates had some problems with their spell check.
Yale and Weird Art
Just when we thought Yale was a pretty hip school for honoring Lauren Conrad, a student has to ruin it by showing the "art" of miscarriage.
The Real Scoop on College Bowl Payouts
It's pretty remarkable that despite a $2.5 million payout for winning the Gator Bowl, Texas Tech had to spend $202,240 out of its operating budget to cover the trip.
Derrick Rose Can't Fight

Derrick Rose should stick to basketball. :: Bob Rosato/SI
Unlike Terrelle Pryor, who never met a press conference he didn't like, Memphis guard Derrick Rose made his decision to enter the NBA draft without much fanfare. It turns out there's a reason for his modesty -- he had just gotten his ass kicked by this member of the football team. We're confident that Rose could still beat up Carmelo Anthony, though.
No Longer a Deadbeat
Congratulations to Hillary Clinton for finally paying off the $11,112 debt she's owed UC Santa Barbara for the past four months.
Best Building Demolitions and Implosions
Who doesn't love watching a million-dollar building get blown to smithereens?
Pop Culture Nugget
Al Pacino is not looking too good these days.
Today in Hot Clicks
Hurler has big crush on Aniston ... Romo on romance ... Best Guillen rants ... Best current nicknames in MLB.
Odds and Ends
Some of the nation's top football teams sure scheduled cupcakes for next season ... This former Trojan fly girl appears to be doing well in the real world ... This Aggie hoopstress is also a model ... Yesterday was National High Five Day ... Elementary schools are now banning students from playing tag.
Videos of the Day
Meet the USC Fly Girls

They're not quite as talented as the Song Girls, but is anyone watching for the talent?

Roof Jumping Gone Wrong

Please, let the professional wrestlers do the professional wrestling moves (warning -- strong language involved).

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