April 21, 2008
The Links
Johnny Knoxville Wannabes

No one can be Johnny. :: AP
A Keene State student tried to navigate a dam ... in a kiddie pool. Mission unaccomplished. He had to be rescued after getting caught in a current. According to his mother, "He does stupid stuff all the time."
WADA's After Cheerleaders
And ban members. And speech-club members. And pretty much anything teen-aged to walk near Whitefish High School is Montana. All are possibly going to be subject to random drug tests. Seriously, the cheerleaders?
Draft Day Games
Two days, seven rounds and 250-something freakin' draft picks. Seriously, spare use the torture. After the first 10 or so (and maybe a little further down the line for the Brady Quinns), the glory of proving your mock draft expert completely wrong has been fulfilled. To fill in the other day-and-a-half, try these time-fillers.
He's a Man! He's 40!
We're all now well-aware of those facts, but we didn't know Mike Gundy has such a creative side to him. Check out how he lures some of the top high-school prospects.
Best Tourney Cheerleaders

Yes, Kansas cheerleaders are among them. :: AP
March Madness may officially be over, but there's no reason why we can't look back at the best of the best from this year's tourney.
Steve Nash's Clone (almost)
So sad, it really is. Jimmy Clausen's got a case of (gasp!) male-pattern baldness. But he's persevering and is determined to grow his remaining locks. You know, "the hurricane head" with the eye of the storm and total mayhem around it.
Pop Culture Nugget
Hayden Panettiere thinks Paris Hilton isn't as moronic as 99 percent of the world thinks.
Today in Hot Clicks
Marisa Miller was the highlight of the weekend ... Must-see pics from Eli's wedding ... Underappreciated video game athletes ... Baseball's biggest spazzes ... Movie, 'Gossip Girl' talk.
Odds and Ends
We can always count on Colorado students to celebrate 420 day ... Why SIOC doesn't condone any type of 420-day celebration ... If you ask Microsoft to repair your XBox, you probably won't get it back and Gates & Co. will probably claim you stole it ... Apparently sleeping with Fido can be fatal
Videos of the Day
Our Favorite Dunk

If Dwight Howard, Iron Chef and SlamBall all came together, this would be the result

Wake Forest's New Game Plan

How do you think the Demon Deacons became ACC champs in '06? Duh.

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