April 22, 2008
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So Tell Us, When Did You Cheat?

Jerod, Bill, did you cheat on your girlfriends? :: Skip Wiliams/Icon SMI; Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Jerod Mayo, a linebacker from Tennessee, was grilled by an unnamed NFL team during his predraft visit. Their question: "When's the last time you cheated on your girlfriend?" The question's irrelevance to football is one thing, but it also goes to show just how stupid the NFL can be. Why wasn't "Belicheater" asked this year's ago?
Make Him Stop
Apparently, a commentator can make racial and sexist remarks about athletes, but when he or she goes as far as to say a game is won with 7:32 left in the first half, the lowly analyst, (cough, Billy Packer) may be due for a boot. Especially when there's $6 billion on the line.
This Just In!
For some "student-athletes" classes and actual studying are mere afterthoughts. Noooo! Really?
Bad Burritos
For nearly 200 Kent State students -- including six of its track and field athletes -- a bad night at Chipotle resulted in some not-so happy tummies. However, two brave hammer-throwers, Jaroslaw Zakrzewski and John Harper, competed with 103-degree fevers and won second and fourth places, respectively, at a recent meet.
Chance of a Lifetime

Go to Madrid and meet them? Count us in!. :: Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images
Let's be honest, Americans just don't enjoy soccer like 90 percent of the sports world does. So, if you ask us to take interest in a European basketball league, we'd probably call you crazy and go watch Kobe drop 52 points. However, if you throw in a bra maker, cheerleaders, and a contest for a trip to Madrid where we can enjoy all of the above, you better believe many will beg to sign up.
East Texas dispatchers received a call after a glider crashed into power lines. But this wasn't just any glider, mind you. We're talkin' a sweet, go-cart-with-a-propeller. Ha! Top that!
Pop Culture Nugget
Don't ask Shia LaBeouf for dating tips. Dude can't even get girls to look at him. He's played a freakin' Transformer! Those guys are supposed to be able to do anything!
Today in Hot Clicks
Tips for pleasing Erin Andrews ... Emmitt's many blunders ... Mocking the mock drafts ... Top 10 underappreciated movie babes ... Fan fouls up.
Odds and Ends
Tulane reports a campus weed shortage ... Warcraft gamers get to carry the Olympic Torch and, no, they're not sending in Leeeroy Jenkins! ... And you thought Britney needed to slow down ... An ex-Little League treasurer is accused of using funds to buy inappropriate toys ... A D-League player writes poetry for Jenna Fischer ... Air Tran is honoring Danica Patrick's big win with her own day: "Air-Tranica."
Videos of the Day
You Go, Girl!

The top rusher at a University of Colorado spring game was, apparently, sick of being confined to the sidelines. Ralphie, the team's mascot, ran all over her fellow Buffaloes.

Mario on Snare

The best drum version of the Super Mario tune. Because there are so many versions.

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