April 23, 2008
The Links
Don't Leave Us!

Who cares about the actual cricket being played? :: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
No! They can't do this to us! Cheerleaders are leaving the U.S. for India. Apparently, scantily clad girls, beer and sports are really popular over there. Cheerleaders at cricket tournaments just seems so ... wrong.
Smarty Pants
Well it looks like the nationwide problem with public education is finally starting to improve. How do we know? A bunch of high school seniors in Alaska chose Cleveland for their senior trip to go to a couple Cavs games, meet LeBron, tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, go to the movies, shop at the mall and catch an Indians game. Hell yeah!
Tommy & Luda Save the Planet
No, seriously. Pam's ex and the "Money Maker" are determined to educate us. They're teaming up in the reality series "Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee," where they'll travel around the country to go head-to-head in 10 eco-friendly competitions. OMFG.
Won and Done
University of Arkansas track and field coach, Jerry McDonnell -- the most successful NCAA coach in any sport -- is stepping down. After 43 national championships, 83 conference titles and molding 23 Olympians, what's left?
Wentz Wants Big Bird

Pete Wentz is hoping furry puppets like his clothes. :: AP
Fall Out Boy and "Ashlee Simpson's boy-toy," Pete Wentz is in talks with the makers of Sesame Street about a collaboration with his clothing line. We're just waiting for Elmo to rock that emo look.
Rock On
Good news. The geniuses over at Guitar Hero are planning upgrades. Vocals, separate drums, even "local content" from "local bands." Pretty sweet! Real guitar in front of real crowd or Guitar Hero? Duh.
Pop Culture Nugget
Forgetting Sarah Marshall isn't making everyone smile. Will the real Sarah Marshall please stand up.
Today in Hot Clicks
The women of Hot Clicks ... NHL player to intern at Vogue ... Isiah blog ... Top dunks in NFL playoff history ... Apatow formula.
Odds and Ends
Scientists have finally decoded brain farts ... Arie Spears pleads to guity to giving a, eh hem, high-five ... Why one gaming psycho is uber excited over the never-published Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures ... Star Wars dog likes Natalie Portman's leg better than a fire hydrant.
Videos of the Day
We Heart Jake

Because we love Jake Long, but it seems this guy loves him even more.

Mario on Snare

Norwegian Viking metal band HELHEIM serenades a bunch of kindergartners.

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