April 24, 2008
The Links
Where Do We Send the Check?

We have no words. Maybe Bob Knight will :: Bill Frakes/SI
We never thought it would come to this, but we're interested in helping Dickie V. With his charity, that is. Why are we feeling so generous all of a sudden? The mere thought of seeing Bob Knight and Dickie play golf together is just too awesome to pass up.
Extreme Science Fair
The world's largest science experiment was also by far the coolest. Diet Coke and Mentos, nearly 1,500 students, and nothing but explosive fizziness. So next time you decide to go on a diet, remember, a mini one of these is probably taking place inside your stomach. Yay for Big Macs. Boo for diet food.
In Need of Port-a-Potties
Here, you do the math: 155 port-a-potties were set up around Penn State's Beaver Stadium for its annual Blue/White spring football scrimmage. There were 70,000-something fans. That's more than 450 people per potty. With that said, is this report really surprising? We think not. In fact, we consider it a job well done.
Non-Saban Alabama News
So apparently only 16 percent of UA's Bryant-Denny Stadium seating is allotted for its students. Here's an idea: Let more students gets seats (for free) and take a chunk of Nick Saban's salary to make up for the difference. Brilliant!
Baby's First Head-butt

No more horns for Rameses XVII. :: Al Bello/Getty Images
Talk about your downer. Daddy Rameses, Rameses XVII, the ram that's been the official UNC mascot for the past five years (no really, he's an actual ram ... not a dude dressed up) was rammed off his throne by his son. Literally. His son, Pablo, head-butted the elder Rameses so hard that his pretty blue horn snapped off. Attaboy!
Clownin' Around
For all those innately bizarre, clown school is now in session.
Guitar Hero, Say Hello to Slashbot
Remember when you rode your little bicycle without hands for a split second and felt so cool? Well now's your chance to relive that special moment with "Slashbot." Thanks to some Texas A&M students, this way-cooler-than-Guitar-Hero machine thing can churn out tunes just like its counterpart only, you guessed it, without hands. Ha! Check it!
Pop Culture Nugget
Sure, it's been a few years, but American Idol-reject William Hung finally understands why he was such a big deal ... or not a big deal. No more show biz for Mr. "She Bangs." Hung is back in school at UC-Northridge where he's finishing up his double-major in math and education. He's gonna teach others how to be un-cool! How sweet.
Today in Hot Clicks
Danica Patrick enjoying the spotlight ... Rick Roll shirts ... Kobe + Marv = Good times ... FHM's 100 sexiest women ... Sports on South Park.
Odds and Ends
Scientists try to find answers for why we're so stupid ... T-A-S-E-R, what does that spell? Taser!! ... Police at Emory University are on the lookout for a zebra owner ... When papers run out of news, they usually just state the obvious, like here ... Now when you "drop your kids off at the pool," someone may find them 14,000 years later.
Videos of the Day
Forget Basketball
"Boom" Osby is going into politics. Sort of...

More Jake
Because we can. And we love him. And he rocks at Guitar Hero.

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