April 28, 2008
The Links
Notre Dame Students Spoon Like Champions

Notre Dame students set the world spooning record last Thursday.
For everyone who claims SIOC hates the Fighting Irish, SIOC would like to congratulate the 127 Notre Dame students who set the record for the world's longest spoon train on Thursday.
Wonderlic Winners and Losers
We hope MENSA stays away from John David Booty and Andre Woodson, both of whom received a 14 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Test. Brian Brohm, who was drafted in the second round by Green Bay, received the highest score (32) followed by Dennis Dixon (29) and Matt Ryan (28).
Mascot Killed by Son
Sad news out of Chapel Hill. Rameses XVII, the blue-horned ram who led the Tar Heels football team onto the field for the past five years, was killed late last week by his son, Pablo.
Meet the Nation's Hottest College Student
Busted Coverage caught up with Florida's Lauren Stevens to discuss the life of a hot chick.
Blood Donation + Chipotle = Stomach Issues

A post-blood donation meal at Chipotle didn't do Kent State students very well.
We apologize for missing this story last week, but it's a doozy. About 180 people became violently ill after eating at a Chiptole restaurant near the Kent State campus. A big portion of the group were at Chipotle after receiving a free burrito coupon for donating blood. Among the infirmed were five members of the school's track team, which turned in a disappointing performance at the All-Ohio Championship.
Hazing Goes Too Far?
It's tough to tell when fraternities go too far with freshman hazing, but we're pretty sure the use of cattle prods and bamboo sticks is taking it too far. Add stealing alligators from a miniature golf course (thanks to Busted Coverage for the tip).
For the Eccentric Pet Owner
From Dog Poop Freeze to testicular implants, Cracked counts down the 15 most ridiculous pet products.
Pop Culture Nugget
Former BFFs Denise Richards and Heather Locklear are engaged in a bikini war.
Today in Hot Clicks
Sisters are the rage in cheerleading these days ... Jay Z now involved in LeBron-Stevenson feud ... Top celebrity-themed pinball machines ... Bad jerseys.
Odds and Ends
We're thinking this tribute to Nick Saban was made by a LSU or Dolphins fan ... This is one way to get fans interested in college baseball ... Here is one person's look at the Top 10 college football players of all-time ... Oregon students had some fun with bingo ... UCLA QB Patrick Cowan will miss the 2008 season due to surgery on his left knee.
Videos of the Day
Fun With Office Chairs

We'd say this guy isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Stoner Video of the Day

So this is what happens when a cop takes your stash.

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