April 30, 2008
The Links
Partying With Your Pants Off

Elsa Benitez would spruce up Syracuse's Undie Run. :: Stewart Shining/SI
Syracuse students blew off some springtime stress by partaking in the school's second annual undie run. Though they have a long way to go before they can match the awesomeness that is UCLA's undie run (though it wouldn't hurt to find former Orangeman Rony Seikaly and his ex-wife, Elsa Benitez, for the event). Meanwhile, students at Nevada are celebrating Flipside's Mackay Week by trying to break the record for most people mooning at once.
Track and Field Gets Bloody
Stanford's Alicia Follmar wasn't going to let a little blood slow her down during the Penn Relays last week.
Quad Life
Campus Squeeze takes a look at what your quad party activity says about you. Busted Coverage, meanwhile, gives us a look at the eye candy in Ohio State's quad.
Obama the Tar Heel
Barack Obama took some time off from his campaign to hoop it up with the Tar Heels, but coach Roy Williams' attendance at the scrimmage may have been a violation of NCAA rules.
The 2008 Heisman Race

Will Beanie Wells win the 2008 Heisman Trophy? :: AP
Rivals released its Top 10 Heisman candidates for 2008, and despite winning in 2007, Tim Tebow isn't tops on the list. That honor belongs to Ohio State RB Beanie Wells.
Price of a Pint
Ever wonder how much a pint of beer costs in luxurious Martinique or not-so-luxurious Iraq? Wonder no more.
One Way to Invite Your Date to Prom
Thirteen members of an Ann Arbor, Mich., high school lacrosse team were disciplined for mooning the crowd during a JV game. Only this moon came with a message from one of the players to a girl: "Will You Go To The Prom With Me? Yes or No?"
Urban Meyer -- The College Years
SI's resident college football expert Stewart Mandel sent us this profile (and picture) of Urban Meyer's days as a football player at Cincinnati.
Pop Culture Nugget
Tom Cruise once had an affair with Cher.
Today in Hot Clicks
Our Hottest Olympic Hopefuls ... Cooley's cool shorts ... Top kid athletes in movies ... The Onion takes on NHL ... Deadspin vs. author.
Odds and Ends
Washington State DE Andy Roof doesn't need an invite to fancy parties -- he just head butts his way in ... Ben Hansbrough is transferring to Notre Dame ... Maryland guard Greivis Vazquez is returning to College Park for his junior year ... Here is the complete 2008 NFL draft -- broken down by school.
Videos of the Day
Covering the Beatles With Your Feet

Simply incredible.

Girl on Skateboard Bites It

The slow motion replay makes this video.

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