May 01, 2008
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Top 10 Cities for Recent College Graduates

Kelly Monaco is one reason to love Philadelphia. :: Mark Mainz/Getty Images
Attention seniors -- graduation is around the corner and with that diploma comes the start of a new chapter in your life. The only question is which city should that chapter take place in? The answer: Philadelphia, at least according to this survey which calculates entry-level job openings, rental prices and the population of young adults in their early 20s. We have a better reason to live in Philly -- it's the hometown of the lovely Kelly Monaco.
Dartmouth Professor Sues Her Students
Imagine that ... students talking smack about a professor. Sounds like a real worthwhile lawsuit, Prof. Lame Venkatesan.
Brooke Hogan College Update
After being rejected by South Florida, Central Florida and Florida State, Brooke Hogan thought she finally found her college home at Florida Atlantic. Unfortunately for Brooke, the school doesn't feel the same way.
Three-Year-Old Wins Mullet Contest
This is too good to make up.
Staying in College Cost Me $1,378,500

Colt Brennan's decision to stay in Hawaii was an expensive one. :: David Allio/Icon SMI
Poor Colt Brennan. He decided to stick around school to pursue an education and, according to the Honolulu Advertiser, that decision will cost him nearly $1.5 million. Although from looking at his hair, it's clear Brennan loved Hawaii and there are worse things in life than spending an extra year in paradise.
McShay vs. Kiper
In the weeks leading up to the draft, ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay were among the most visible draft experts. So now that the draft is over, which one is the biggest expert? McShay, though the term "expert" should be taken extremely lightly.
How to Give Your Coach a Heart Attack
Does jumping off a fraternity porch into a swimming pool four months after tearing your ACL qualify? If so, Roy Williams should book a hospital room now.
SIOC Political Note
Can't decide between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? We suggest combining the two.
Pop Culture Nugget
As Banned in Hollywood points out, Sarah Silverman looks dangerously similar to Amy Winehouse.
Today in Hot Clicks
Vote in the 'Jockey Underwars' ... Wager on weed ... Best sports movie quotes ... Nine innings in two minutes ... Who's creepier: Joe Simpson or Hulk Hogan?
Odds and Ends
If you're hoping for a BCS playoff, it ain't happening ... The price tag on Oklahoma State's new "Athletic Village" is just north of $700 million ... The ACC may expand its conference schedule to 18 games ... The Kentucky Derby looks like quite the party ... UConn's Jeff Austrie is using Facebook to get $2K.
Videos of the Day
Grocery Store Tricks

If the Harlem Globetrotters ever needed grocery-shopping team, these guys would be first in line.

What The Rock Says ...
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson turns 36 tomorrow, and here is some of his finest work.
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