May 02, 2008
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Save the Cheerleaders. Save the World.

The Arizona State cheer squad has been disbanded. :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography
Nobody is a bigger fan of college cheerleaders than SIOC, so it comes with much sadness that we report Arizona State's cheer squad has been disbanded due to some risque pictures that leaked online. We urge you all to join this Facebook group that is trying to save the squad, especially if you want to see Lauren, Brittany or these lovely ladies on the sidelines again.
Pitino Puts Down the Hammer
Since the day he arrived at Louisville, Cardinals forward Derrick Caracter has been a thorn in Rick Pitino's side. So it's no s uprise that Pitino gave Caracter the proverbial middle finger when he attempted to return to the Cardinals after testing the NBA waters and realizing that nobody wants him in their team. Speaking of Pitino, he may be interested in the vacant Dallas Mavericks job.
Hazing Happens at Northwestern
Actually, hazing happens everywhere, but at Northwestern, the school paper published detailed accounts of one fraternity's "Drink 'Til You Drop" ritual.
Top College Scandals
Northwestern isn't the only school that has seen its share of controversies. College OTR ranks the top eight college scandals of all time.
You Sunk My Battleship

Nebraska students will soon be playing intramural Battleship.
We're not sure if this is a great idea or a horrendous one, but the intramural sports department at Nebraska wants to turn Battleship into an intramural sport that would be played in a swimming pool with canoes and buckets.
Chris Hansen's Homegirl
We enjoyed this story about a Kent State student who poses as a 14-year-old schoolgirl in an effort to nab sex predators.
Ten Most Dangerous Toys of All Time
Who knew that Aqua Dots are loaded with GHB?
20 Ugliest Celebrities has our favorite link of the week -- an ode to the 20 ugliest celebrities.
Pop Culture Nugget
TV Guide named Jennifer Love Hewitt and Patrick Dempsey America's Sexiest TV stars. We say TV Guide has a lot to learn about sexy.
Today in Hot Clicks
Vote in the 'Jockey Underwars' ... Wager on weed ... Best sports movie quotes ... Nine innings in two minutes ... Who's creepier: Joe Simpson or Hulk Hogan?
Odds and Ends
Chris Lofton revealed that he underwent four weeks of radiation treatment for testicular cancer last May ... Pro wrestling great Ron Simmons was inducted into the college football hall of fame. Damn! ... USC seniors enjoyed their annual Fountain Run ... Yesterday, we mentioned a Dartmouth professor was planning to sue her students for discrimination. She changed her mind.
Videos of the Day
Most Awkward Video, Ever

A high school principal channels Souljah-Boy to get his students to pick up trash. Just trust us.

Mexican Riot Cop Nailed With Drum

Direct hit!

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