May 05, 2008
The Links
We Know Safe Sex!!

Minnesota students know how to use a condom!. :: Peter Schlitt
Congratulations to the University of Minnesota for finishing first among 139 schools in Trojan Condoms' annual sexual health report card. According to the study, the Gophers have the best access to anonymous advice, free contraceptives and sexual awareness programs. On the flip side, we suggest everyone stay the hell away from Louisiana Tech (just look what happened to the school's most famous alumnus/Mailman).
Flashback: Four Dead in Ohio
Sunday marked the 38th anniversary of the famous Kent State shootings. The Kansas City Star spoke with LSU coach Nick Saban and Missouri coach Gary Pinkel -- both Kent State students at the time of the incident -- about their memories of the incident.
One Way to Improve Dorm Living
We're not sure we'd like to share a dorm room with someone of the opposite sex, but it appears to be the newest trend in college housing.
The NCAA's Hottest Athlete
Last week we asked you to weigh in on the nation's hottest student-athlete. The nominees are still rolling in, but Busted Coverage thinks it has found a winner -- USC's Jessica Gysin.
Harold and Kumar Go to Penn

Kal Penn has a second career all lined up. :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Well, maybe not Harold, but Kumar (a.k.a. -- Kal Penn) spent the last semester teaching "ASAM 109: Images of Asian Americans in the Media" to a class full of 80 Ivy leaguers, and from all accounts, did a pretty good job.
Disturbing Pic of the Day
We spent 10 minutes trying to figure out a joke for this pic that wouldn't get us in trouble -- and we had no luck.
Feathered Hair Hall of Fame
From Tony Danza to every member of the Cobra Kai, Best Week Ever pays tribute to the architects of feathered hair.
Pop Culture Nugget
Sean Combs has launched a car service for drunk celebrities.
Today in Hot Clicks
The Women of the Kentucky Derby ... Beer coffin ... Must-hear announcer ... Cuthbert dating hockey player ... Pizza chain taunts LeBron ... Aniston at Marlins game.
Odds and Ends
Penn State took home the national championship in men's volleyball ... Former Missouri head man Quin Snyder got another coaching gig -- in the NBDL ... the Georgia football squad is not happy about its 2008 schedule ... Bruce Pearl booted two players from the Vols hoops team for violating the school's substance abuse policy and academic shortcomings ... Raw Sports Blog has ranked the 10 best rivalries in college sports.
Videos of the Day
Billiards Trick Shot of the Day

We couldn't even think up this trick, much less execute it.

Tetris Theme -- Played on Bottles

This, my friends, is talent.

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