May 06, 2008
The Links
Lindsay Lohan Stole My Mink Coat!

Lindsay Lohan likes expensive coats. :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
A Columbia student was partying next to Lindsay Lohan at a NYC club a few months ago and as she went to leave, noticed that her $11,000 blond mink coat was missing. And guess who popped up in every celeb mag over the next few weeks wearing that same jacket? You guessed it -- Lilo herself!!
Bill Self and His Street
We're a little late to this story, but two radio stations in Kansas are starting a petition to have a street in Lawrence renamed Bill Self Boulevard. Unfortunately for the coach, not everyone agrees with the move.
Masterpiece Dorm Room Theater
A group of Minnesota theater majors have decided to forego the stage and put on their own productions ... in a dorm room. And if things get frisky afterwards, we know the Gophers will be safe, at least according to Trojan Condoms.
What Celebs Once Looked Like ...
Before they were rich, famous and all over, celebrities were little kids, just like you and I.
Where are They Now -- Rudy Ruettiger

Need a healthy drink? Buy a Rudy. :: Courtesy of RUDY Nutrition
We found ourselves watching Rudy at home over the weekend and wondered what the former Notre Dame is up to these days. It turns out he's been pedaling a line of health drinks called (what else?) RUDY. And the drinks may soon be coming to a Walgreen's, CVS, Osco or whatever drug store chain is near you!
PBR Grave
This is an interesting way to be buried.
Getting Naked for Peace
Can 18 naked students help bring world peace?
Madison's Most Wanted
We're not sure what it says about Wisconsin when the school's senior class president gets busted for stealing bus tickets from the Memorial Union information desk.
Pop Culture Nugget
We don't know what Joaquin Phoenix is doing in this photo spread.
Today in Hot Clicks
Big Dallas Cowboys news ... '80s baseball card Web site ... Women of Friday Night Lights vs. Girls of Gossip Girl ... Tebow's interesting offseason.
Odds and Ends
Former LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux may have found his next school ... Texas A&M needs some help finding a new mascot ... Florida State's football squad continues to weed out its bad seeds ... This is a hell of a soccer goal.
Videos of the Day
ASU Undie Run

Need we say more?

Price is Right Strategy Gone Wrong

This contestant is not the sharpest knife in the stack.

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