May 07, 2008
The Links
30 Rock vs. Georgia's 2008 schedule

Tina Fey and Matt Stafford :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Kevin Reece/Icon SMI
Hey Jenny Slater has one of the most amusing items we've seen in a while -- a comparison of 30 Rock characters to the University of Georgia's 2008 football schedule. Our favorite grudge match is the lovely Cerie vs. Arizona State (and its even lovelier student body).
Braylon Edwards vs. Rich Rodriguez
In his first year at Michigan, Rich Rodriguez is doing away with some old traditions, and former Wolverine WR Braylon Edwards is not too happy about one of them.
New Uniform Alert
For the Mr. Blackwell's in the crowd, here is a look at the new and improved uniforms of Minnesota, Hawaii, Utah, Georgia Tech and Miami.
Can We Get a Mulligan?
Former Georgia Tech quarterback Joe Hamilton -- who was hired by the Yellow Jackets two weeks ago as an off-the-field football coach helping new players adjust to campus life -- was arrested for drug, alcohol and hit-and-run charges on Tuesday.
Snoop and the Po Po

Snoop Dogg tore the house down at UNH. :: Scott Gries
Ain't no party like a UNH party. That's what Snoop Dogg must be thinking after his spring concert at the University of New Hampshire led to 35 arrests.
More Fraternity Fun
Five members of a Tulane fraternity were arrested for aggravated second-degree battery and the house was suspended after the painful details of its initiation hazing came to light. Although that arrest is child's play in comparison to what went down at San Diego State yesterday.
Paging Billy Gillespie
Forget the eighth-grader -- Sports Agent Blog has an 11 year-old who will blow your mind.
Best New Game of 2008
Swimming pool pong -- need we say more?
101 Version of Stairway to Heaven
Apparantly, bands love to cover this Led Zeppelin classic.
Pop Culture Nugget
It's official -- there will be an Anchorman sequel.
Today in Hot Clicks
Ten greatest celebrity cheerleaders of all time ... Must-see Pacman, Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips cartoon ... Athlete vanity plates ... Lingerie Football League.
Odds and Ends
Has Phil Knight (and his enormous checkbook) worn out their welcome at Oregon ... William and Mary students voted in style yesterday ... Twenty-five years after dropping out, Vanessa Williams is finally receiving her bachelor of fine arts degree this weekend ... Here are the top gifts for this year's college grads.
Videos of the Day
Game Show Moment of the Day

Much to Howie Mandel's chagrin, this Deal or No Deal contestant doesn't realize her own sister is holding one of the cases.

Using Broccoli as a Musicial Instrument

This just may be the dumbest and most amusing YouTube video we've ever seen.

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