May 09, 2008
The Links
Pride of New Jersey

Meadow is still our favorite Jeresy girl. :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Our good friends at College OTR alerted us to the risque behavior of Rutgers' all-female a cappella group, Shockwave, who may be turning some heads in Piscataway with these pics. Though we at SIOC only have love for one soprano in New Jersey -- Jamie Lynn Sigler (a.k.a. -- Meadow).
Hazing's Greatest Hits
In response to the recent rash of hazing incidents (such as this, this and this), Coed Magazine presents 20 Things You Don't Know About Hazing. This one just freaked us out: At the University of Minnesota-Morris, some frats reportedly smothered pledges in honey, tied them to trees and cover them in ants.
Get Well Bob Huggins
SIOC wishes a speedy recovery to West Virginia men's basketball coach Bob Huggins, who is recovering from injuriessustained after tripping on an airport tarmac and hitting his head on the pavement.
The Life of a Nude Art Model
We're not artists, but if we ever took up the hobby and needed a nude model, Kansas State's Zoey would definitely be our choice (and we'd pay her more than $10/hour).
Joe Montana and his College Love

Joe Montana should've stayed single while he was at Notre Dame. :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI
Attention all college athletes who are in love. Be careful what memorabilia you give your significant other or you may find that stuff for sale at auction. Just ask Joe Montana.
If Every Vote was This Easy
Congrats to Newburg United High School's Shyane Myers, who is graduating at the top, bottom and middle of her high school class. That's what happens when your high school has just one member in its senior class.
Easy Money
NASA is offering $17,000 to anyone willing to lie in bed for 90 days straight.
Psychologically Disturbed Stoner of the Week
This is just plain eerie.
Pop Culture Nugget
The Angry T has compiled his 15 favorite Superhero girlfriends, including the vastly underrated Kristen Kruek at the No. 2 spot.
Today in Hot Clicks
Derek Jeter vs. John Mayer: Day 2 ... Pizza anarchy in Cleveland ... Top 10 Most Embarrassing Athlete Arrests ... Hair quiz ... Controversial media moments ... Great Redlegs remix.
Odds and Ends
Kevin Love is not a great dresser ... Here are more pics of ASU's recent undie run ... The University of Iowa created a social networking policy for its athletes ... It's good to see South Carolina's mascot has found a friend ... Is college baseball boring?
Videos of the Day
UCLA Dance Party

Things really heat up around the 30-second mark (thanks to Busted Coverage for the tip).

Little Kid vs. Tuba Player

We don't care if this is a kid -- it's still pretty damn funny.

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