May 14, 2008
The Links
Commencement Speakers

Chuck Norris will speak at Libery College's graduation. :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty
The Chronicle of Higher Education released its list of 2008 commencement speakers and the big winners appear to be Carnegie Mellon (Al Gore) and Furman University (George W. Bush) while some choices (Lane College: Star Jones, Dowling College: Allan Houston) left us scratching our heads. Our personal favorite, however, is Liberty College, who will welcome Chuck Norris to the podium to address the graduating class.
Good Deed of the Day
Three members of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at New Mexico shaved their heads to raise awareness for what cancer survivors go through.
USC Song Girls in Action
Another class at USC is graduating, and When Kegstands Go Wrong is celebrating with more pics of the USC Song Girls than we know what to do with.
Freshman of the Year
While you were in your dorm room nursing a hangover with reruns of Deadliest Catch, John Tyler Hammons -- A 19-year-old freshman at the University of Oklahoma -- was hard at work becoming the next mayor of Muskogee, Okla., a city of 38,000 in the northeastern part of the state.
Comings and Goings in Bloomington

There's never a dull moment for Tom Crean and IU basketball. :: AP
In one of the most eye-opening statements we've seen in a while, Kelvin Sampson claims that he did nothing wrong at Indiana. Meanwhile, current Hoosiers coach Tom Crean is livid that Eli Holman told him he was transferring to be closer to family, only to enroll at a school further away from them than IU. It's not all bad for the Hoosiers, though -- former Georgetown guard Jeremiah Rivers is on his way to Bloomington to play for Crean.
Fun with Angry Newscasters
In response to yesterday's video of NY news anchor Sue Simmons dropping an F-bomb on the air, we present the Top 10 Angry On-Camera Meltdowns.
More Mayo Fallout
Was O.J. Mayo on the take while in high school? The Ohio High School Athletic Association may look into it.
Fun with NBA Scouting Reports
We don't know who the NBA Frankenstein is, but his breakdowns on top draft prospects is must-read. We especially like his comparison of Brook Lopez's hair to that of Justin Timberlake's, circa 2001.
Pop Culture Nugget
It appears that Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen are dating in real life, too.
Today in Hot Clicks
Reports say Simpson and Romo have broken up ... LeBron screams at his mom ... Paps teaches craps ... Players who never should've switched teams.
Odds and Ends
The shoes Florida QB Chris Leak wore in the 2007 Bowl Championship Series title game are now on eBay ... Financially speaking, it's not a bad time to be a coordinator ... The Watch List for the 2008 Bronko Nagurski Trophy (best defensive player) has been released ... The Princeton Tower Club accidentally e-mailed the social security numbers of alumni to about 200 of its members ... Recent Bowling Green football captain Loren Hargrove, was arrested Monday and charged with possession of drugs and trafficking drugs ... A fraternity house at Wisconsin was destroyed in a fire.
Videos of the Day
Dumb Moments in Ferrying

We're guessing someone was fired for this mishap.

If All College Ads Were Honest

This cracked us up.

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