May 20, 2008
The Links
The Study of Buffy

You can learn all about Buffy this summer. :: Brad Barket/Getty Images
Forget Sociology and Brit Lit, The Angry T has discovered some of the nation's most bizarre classes including Ursinus College's study of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Johns Hopkins' look at mail-order brides. Though for our money, none of these offerings can match UCLA's "Cultural History of Rap."
Is it the Name?
Forget the Baseball Hall of Fame, Pete Rose can't even hold onto a football scholarship from Virginia Tech.
Head of the Class
Congratulations to Joshua Packwood, the first white valedictorian in Morehouse College's 141-year history.
One Good Thing About Rugby
It's been said that nobody can drink like rugby players ... and these students at LSU did nothing to dispel that notion.
In Defense of College Wrestling

NCAA wrestling programs are being cut at an alarming rate. :: Stephen Mally/Icon SMI
While college wrestling will never match the popularity of football and basketball, it deserves better treatment than it is currently receiving. Intermat has the staggering numbers -- 458 NCAA wrestling programs have been cut since 1972, including most recently Arizona State's team.
One Bad Thing About Naked Runs
Nobody likes college students running around half-naked more than SIOC, but even we feel bad for the Tufts University students who participated in the school's annual Naked Quad Run, only to find pics of the event posted on a Web site dedicated to nudity.
Golf's Biggest Fan
Nothing distracts a golfer like a kangaroo hopping across the green.
Five Cereals that Rip Apart Your Mouth
Yes, cereal can be dangerous.
Life of a Panhandler
Why not? The average pay is $10-15 per hour.
Pop Culture Nugget
Here is a preview for the new-and-improved Beverly Hills 90210.
Today in Hot Clicks
Taylor goes for DWTS title ... Giambi theme songs ... Greatest threesomes in history ... Pair of quizzes ... Musical acts to represent NBA teams at lottery.
Odds and Ends
Glenn Dorsey has purchased 75 pairs of sneakers in the last three months ... Why are so many UGA fans buying season tickets to Arizona State football games? ... Braylon Edwards is no longer angry with Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez ... Barack Obama's right-hand man is a former member of Duke's basketball and football teams.
Videos of the Day
Pete Carroll Channels Jay Leno

The USC coach does his version of Jaywalking.

Saturday Night Live Does Graduation

Immaturity at its best.

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