May 22, 2008
The Links
One Reason to Watch Softball

Who will be this year's Jennie Finch? :: Peter Gregoire/SI
There are 16 teams vying for the national championship in softball, so The Angry T did some homework and found the 16 best-looking girls among those teams. And while Jennie Finch (above) is still No. 1 in our hearts, Arizona's Taryne Mowatt, Adrienne Acton and Arizona State's Mindy Cowles could certainly give the former SI swimsuit model a run for her money.
Boone's Back!
Two years after donating $165 million to the Oklahoma State athletic department, T. Boone Pickens is back ... with checkbook in hand! The billionaire donated $100 million -- the largest academic gift in Oklahoma history -- to endow 150 faculty jobs. Said Pickens: "Boone's back, and Boone's back with money. Be patient. I'm not through."
They Went There
It was only a matter of time before a Web site started posting pics of hot professors, and College OTR finally broke down that wall. We love their first choice, Boston University's Leslie Yoder because she teaches in the "Department of Romance Studies" and reminds us of Dr. Diane Turner, the apple of Thornton Mellon's eye in the very underrated Back to School.
Commencement vs. Cheerleading Tryouts
We don't know if these Hofstra students would have been able to forgive themselves had they missed their college graduation to try out for the Jets cheerleading squad.
Looking at the NBA Draft

Will Minnesota select Brook Lopez (right)? :: AP
Forget Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley. The real question of this year's NBA draft is who will Minnesota take at No. 3.'s Ian Thomsen posted his first mock draft and has the T'Wolves choosing Brook Lopez, but we think that would be another mistake in a ridiculously long line of Kevin McHale mistakes. We'd take Eric Gordon or Jerryd Bayless. Who would you choose?
Annoying People You'll Find Inside Starbucks
Holy Taco nailed this one right on the nose, especially the "Guy Who Hates Starbucks But Goes There Every Day."
Best Video You'll See All Day
If you like seeing people get hit in the face with balls, this video is for you.
10 Memorable Pies To The Face
Keeping with our theme of people getting hit in the face, here are some great moments in pie-throwing.
Pop Culture Nugget
Tori Spelling will appear in the 90210 pilot.
Today in Hot Clicks
Is Minka Kelly Derek Jeter's latest squeeze? ... Hayden Panettiere REALLY likes the Stanley Cup ... MLB players as 'Indiana Jones' characters.
Odds and Ends
A future Hurricane knows a thing or two about killing possum, raccoon and squirrels ... Here's a rather mathematical breakdown of USC's 2008 football schedule ... According to a Rutgers University study, 25 percent of all college students have some sort of tattoo and/or body piercing ... Texas coach Mack Brown doesn't think the Coaches' Poll should factor into the BCS ... It's never a good idea to steal cadavers.
Videos of the Day
Chuck Norris' Graduation Speech

Check out what Walker, Texas Ranger has to say to the graduates of Liberty University.

Rutgers Shockwave in Action

There's nothing like a capella Panic! at the Disco.

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