May 27, 2008
The Links
For the Ladies of Evanston

Northwestern's females are excited about the school's latest calendar. :: Chuck Rydlewski/Icon SMI
Forget the Tempe 12. Northwestern has its own sexy calendar featuring more than 100 of the finest-looking guys Evanston has to offer. The "Men of Northwestern" was created to raise money for cancer, and has quickly become one of the most wanted items on campus.
Howard vs. Herbstreit
It doesn't appear all is copasetic among the ESPN college football analysts. Former Michigan star Desmond Howard called out former Buckeye Kirk Herbstreit about last season's erroneous report that Michigan had a "done deal" for LSU coach Les Miles to take over as the head man in Ann Arbor.
15 Biggest College Football Stadiums
It should be the goal of every college football fan to check out at least one game in each of these stadiums.
Gators in Kabul
In honor of Memorial Day, a UF fan lets all of Afghanistan know who he roots for.
Lacrosse Update

Syracuse won its 10th national championship in men's lacrosse? :: Damian Strohmeyer/SI
The college lacrosse season came to an end yesterday as Syracuse took home its 10th men's title with a 13-10 victory over defending champion Johns Hopkins. For the women, the Northwestern dynasty continues to chug along as the Wildcats beat Penn, 10-6, for their fourth consecutive title.
For the College Baseball Fans
The regional pairings for the tournament's 64-team field has been announced.
Anyone Have Any Extra Bodies?
Tough times for medical students in Colorado, as there simply aren't enough cadavers to go around.
Bar Code Art
Not only are these bar code portraits of Elvis, Madonna and Oprah incredibly cool, but if you look at them long enough, your eyes will do strange things.
Cell Phone in the Microwave?
This is never a good idea, as this video demonstrates.
Pop Culture Nugget
Tommy Lee is bringing his life to the small screen ... as a cartoon.
Today in Hot Clicks
New Kobe stunt video, Vanessa berates reporter ... Beckham named top eye candy, scores 70-yard goal ... NBA superstars and their WWF/WWE counterparts.
Odds and Ends
Durham police are investigating accusations that a Duke University student needed hospital care after a hazing incident last month ... The NCAA and Ticketmaster are being hit with a class action lawsuit ... Sunday was Roy Williams Day in Asheville, N.C. ... Mike Jarvis finally got another coaching gig.
Videos of the Day
LSU and Dancing

Everyone should have as much fun as this Tigers fan.

Tough Day for Former Sooner

In case you missed it in yesterday's Campus Clicks, Chris Matthews had former OU cheerleader Kevin James on Hardball ... and verbally destroyed him.

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