May 28, 2008
The Links
Worst Summer Vacation, Ever

Not all Cal fans are heading to India this summer. :: Rob Holt/Icon SMI
The summer is a time to relax, lay out by the pool, visit the beach and do a whole lot of nothing. Unfortunately, three Cal students didn't get that memo and are driving a rickshaw 2,400 miles from Nepal to the southern tip of India. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, good luck with all that.
Bad Moments in Cheerleading
In case you forgot how difficult (and painful) cheerleading can be, take a look at this video shot at Westfield High School in Spring, Texas, (thanks to When Kegstands Go Wrong for the link).
Roll Tide!
We aren't sure why there are so many Alabama football fans, but after taking a look at their 2008 schedule, it all makes a little more sense.
Women's College Wrestling Takes Off
The New York Times has an excellent feature on women's college wrestling and how it's still ignored at big schools but thriving at schools such as Jamestown College, Pacific University and Oklahoma City University.
Sir Paul Honored by Yale

Paul McCartney was just another Yale graduate on Monday. :: AP
As if being a member of The Beatles wasn't enough, Sir Paul McCartney is now Dr. Sir Paul McCartney after receiving an honorary doctor of music degree from Yale University on Monday. We're guessing Paul's grandfather wasn't in New Haven for the festivities.
Ghost Ridin' with Grandma
Move over Marshawn Lynch. There's a new ghost rider in town and her name is grandma!
The Top 10 Most Stupid Tattoos
We couldn't agree more with the top choice -- anyone sporting a tribal arm band should go to the laser surgeon, stat!
Dumb World Record Attempt of the Day
Two San Francisco men spent 9.5 hours shaking hands on Monday in an attempt to set a world record.
Pop Culture Nugget
Drea De Matteo (a.k.a. -- Adriana from The Sopranos) says her career is over because of her role in Joey.
Pop Culture Nugget 2
One of China's biggest cinema chains will no longer show Sharon Stone movies because the actress blamed the horrific May 12 earthquake on "bad karma" for the government's treatment of Tibet.
Today in Hot Clicks
Kristen Bell's hockey crush ... Yankees are Seinfeld ... Top 10 Craziest Wives/Exes Of The Sporting World ... Bikini-clad women invade soccer practice ... Two tests.
Odds and Ends
The Iowa football squad is having a tough time staying out of trouble ... Oklahoma is toughening its stance on athlete's employment ... Pay $250 to hear UCLA coach Rick Neuheisal speak ... Nobody does prank calls like The Simpsons.
Videos of the Day
We Are The World -- Japanese Style

Best Week Ever provides the best link we've seen all month.

Sweet Home Alabama

It appears not everyone is a Crimson Tide fan.

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