May 30, 2008
The Links
Little Hefner Goes to College

Can Holly, Kendra or Bridget help Marston pick a school? :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
GQ had a fascinating profile of 17-year-old Marston Hefner, and it appears the son of Playboy's founder is still undecided about which school to attend. Perhaps one of Hef's Girls Next Door can help.
JoePa's Successor Will Be ...
We know there have been a lot of Joe Paterno rumors, but this one is too juicy to ignore: Rutgers coach Greg Schiano will take over as head coach at Penn State at the end of this season.
What Tim Tebow Loves
The walls of a Florida high school were spray-painted with stick-figure drawings and various obnoxious sayings, which isn't that big a story except that one of the "obnoxious sayings" was "Tebow Loves Boys." We, however, have some pictures of the Florida QB which contradict that theory, and as The Big Lead points out, Tebow's real love may be politics (if that whole football thing doesn't pan out).
College World Series Preview
Whether you've been following college baseball or not, we suggest you check out UWire's preview of the College World Series, including news and notes on all 64 teams.
Celebrity Scholarships

Ball State students can earn a scholarship from David Letterman. :: AP
We tend to bash celebrities in Campus Clicks, but today we have to give props to David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, Alicia Keyes and other famous people who donate college scholarships to needy students without receiving much fanfare. Let it be known that SIOC respects what you do.
College Football Arrest of the Day
Torrin Hudson, a member of the Stillman College football team, was arrested Tuesday and charged with trafficking cocaine and marijuana, distribution of a controlled substance and resisting arrest.
Trapped in the Closet
Move over R. Kelly. A homeless woman in Japan sneaked into a man's house and lived undetected in his closet for a year.
Rock Stars and Their Offspring
As you may have guessed, most children of rock stars are not ugly -- especially Kimberly Stewart.
Pop Culture Nugget
Bill Murray may not be such a great guy after all.
Today in Hot Clicks
SIOC's Cheerleader of the Week ... '80s are back ... Big Erin Andrews updates ... Sasha Vujacic kills bettors.
Odds and Ends
These college athletes will all be participating in this summer's Olympic Games ... June Jones and Hawaii are trying to settle their dispute like grown men ... Iowa football players can't stay out of trouble ... Mariah Carey can't pitch ... Are these college football teams overrated?
Videos of the Day
Alex Trebek is Funny

The straight-laced host puts on his best comedic performance since his cameo on Cheers.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor
Karate Master

Maybe not.

Karate Master Displays Skills - Watch more free videos
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