June 03, 2008
The Links
Chicks Dig Wrestling

Is the NCAA worried about female wrestlers turning into the next Stacey Keibler? :: Frazer Harrison/Getty
SIOC has a question -- If high school girls wrestling has tripled in popularity over the past 10 years, why is there only one NCAA member college -- Oregon's Pacific University -- that offers the sport? We say because they don't want this to happen, but that's just us.
Fun With Google Maps
Want to take a 3-D tour of your favorite college football stadium? Be sure to check out Map Game Day.
Nepotism Strikes Again
Joining the list of sons whose fathers put them in positions of power, Steve Spurrier II will be calling the offensive plays for South Carolina next year.
When Spell Check Goes Wrong
There's nothing quite like the feeling of opening your high school yearbook for the first time ... unless a spell check completely butchers your name as it did to these Pennsylvania high school students.
Colbert Does Princeton

Stephen Colbert spoke at Princeton. :: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
Stephen Colbert spoke at the Princeton commencement and advised the graduating class not to change the world because "Some of us like it the way it is." Check out what else television's purveyor of truthiness had to say.
Best Worst Name in College Football
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chubb Small.
Jury Duty Ain't So Bad
One of the few things we all have in common is a hatred of jury duty ... that is, unless you get to see hardcore porn as part of the trial.
Signs That You're In a Fraternity
Do you know a guy who owns seven blue, vertical-stripped button-up shirts? What about a tribal arm band tattoo? If you answered yes, chances are he's in a frat.
Pop Culture Nugget
Linda Hogan appears to be dating her identical male twin.
Today in Hot Clicks
The 50 Hottest Female Athletes Of All Time ... 10 Worst Sports Broadcasters ... Get the ump? ... Merriman involved with WWE ... Bad resumes.
Odds and Ends
Arizona State is one game away from being the national champions in softball ... Former Kentucky and Western Kentucky basketball star Patrick Sparks was arrested last Friday on DUI charges ... Florida is using technology to help people find their lost cats ... A former Syracuse football player is trying his hand at ultimate fighting.
Videos of the Day
Softball Pitching 101

Florida's Stacey Nelson -- a Led Zeppelin junkie -- discusses the fine art of softball pitching.

Rest in Peace, Bo

In honor of the late great Bo Diddley.

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