September 26, 2007
The Links
Save the Cheerleader

Can someone give these poor cheerleaders from Arizona a break? :: John W. McDonough/SI;
SIOC respectfully requests that the student body at Arizona be nicer to its cheerleaders. Of course, it's tough to get excited when your team is 1-3 and that one win came against Northern Arizona.
Inside the Mind of an SEC Playboy Model
Playboy's annual Girls of the SEC issue is currently on newsstands, and besides wondering why girls like that never seem to be in our Brit Lit class, we were also curious about the whole process of becoming a Girl of the SEC. Luckily, UWire has collected several stories about just that.
I am ... a Buckeye Fan!
We're not sure if this is the greatest video we've ever seen ... or the most uncomfortable to watch. We'll let you check it out and decide for yourself.
Fire an Alabama Coach
It only took four weeks for the first Fire Nick Saban Web site to launch. We thought he'd make it until at least November. But if these 'Bama fans have their way, Major Applewhite will take the fall, not Saban.
John Stewart, The Textbook

Jon Stewart is making a difference at Northern Kentucky University. :: AP
What's the best way to get a group of apathetic college students interested in political science? Use Jon Stewart's 2004 bestseller America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction as a textbook for the class, says Northern Kentucky assistant professer Ryan Lee Teten. Now if someone could convince Northern Kentucky to hire Mystery as a Sociology professor and use The Game as his textbook, we'd declare it the best school ever.
Facebook Group of the Day
It's been a tough couple weeks for Isiah Thomas, but at least he has the support of one Facebook group -- I love Isiah Thomas. On the flip side, there's the Burn in Hell Isiah Thomas group. Our favorite, however, is David Stern's worst nightmare -- the Isiah Thomas for WNBA Commissioner.
Today in Hot Clicks
Breaking down the debut of Dancing with the Stars ... Oden's new dog ... the NFL's most memorable TD celebrations ... a look at the five druggiest high school sitcom scenes.
Videos of the Day
Jimmy Clausen for Heisman
Sorry Notre Dame fans -- we couldn't help ourselves.
More Mascot Fights
James Madison's Duke Dog vs. Coastal Carolina's Chanticleer. We're not going to tell you who won, but we will say that it's never wise to bet on anything involving the words Duke and football.
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