September 28, 2007
The Links
The Sad Spectacle that is Duke Football

Will one of these Duke students become the Blue Devils' new kicker? :: Greg Nelson/SI;
Yes, Duke football is an easy target, but when the team resorts to posting an ad in the school paper to recruit its next kicker, we have to make a joke.
Dennis' Diary
It's not quite Skull and Bones, but if you're a select Texas A&M booster (with an extra $1200 to spend), you can receive Dennis Franchione's super-duper top-secret newsletter with detailed information about injuries and the coach's unfiltered assessments of his players.
Lou the Motivator
We find Lou Holtz amusing, in sort of a "quirky-uncle-you-see-once-a-year" type of way, but don't hire him to give your team a pep talk. Unless you want them to lose, of course.
Hannah the Dancer
We thought college students who "danced" to help pay their tuition only happened on Cinemax and certain adult Web sites. But as Hannah, a Texas Tech sophomore and part-time stripper, tells The Daily Toreador, it's "just a supplement to my lifestyle."
Dazed and Confused

Phish perform the national anthem at UVM's Patrick Gymnasium. :: AP
In honor of Willie Williams, who was booted off the Louisville football squad after his arrest for marijuana possession Wednesday, we present the Top 20 stoner schools (Sorry Phish fans, UVM only ranked No. 3).
Bye Bye Aztecs?
Is this the end of San Diego State football? It will be if this SDSU professor has his way.
Facebook Group of the Day
Les Miles may not be a member, but his fingerprints are all over the USC Sucks and LSU Should be No. 1 group.
Today in Hot Clicks
Tale of the Tape: Matt Leinart v. Lauren Conrad ... Will LeBron's SNL duty lead the Cavs to a title ... alternative jobs for NFL coaches ... The worst screw up in television-news history ... cheer-up video for dejected Mets fans.
Videos of the Day
Poor Notre Dame Fans
We think "Notre Dame sucks" jokes are getting old, but we couldn't let this fan's plea to leave Notre Dame alone go unnoticed.
Michigan Needs a New Carr
This is a couple weeks old, but still hilarious. This Michigan fan doesn't like Lloyd Carr.
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