October 09, 2007
The Links
Texas T-Shirt War

A Texas Tech and Texas A&M cheerleader in action.:: J.P. Wilson/Icon SMI
Texas Tech students are so fired up for Saturday's game against Texas A&M, they are making T-shirts that reference Michael Vick's dogfighting ... um yeah, we don't get it either, so we'll just show you a picture of a cheerleader from each school. In other T-shirt news, it's safe to say that these LSU fans don't love Nick Saban.
Tebow's Terrible Weekend
Tough week for Tim Tebow. His Gators lost a tough SEC matchup to top-ranked LSU, he was serenaded with a chant that's not quite appropriate for family friendly SIOC and worse of all, he was accused of wearing jean shorts, excuse me, jorts.
Pre-Emptive Strike
Props to the University of Iowa for beating angry Hawkeye fans to the punch and buying the rights to FireKirkFerentz.com. The URL now takes you to the school's athletic department Web site. With a salary of $2.7 million a year -- the highest of any Iowa state employee -- and a 15-15 record since 2005, it may be time for the coach to go.
Top 10 Upsets in Movie History
Inspired by Stanford's shocking upset of USC, our friends at Scripted Sports came up with their own top 10 biggest upsets -- in the movies.
Say No to Nebraska (Football)

Will Nebraska fans boycott the Huskers? .:: AP
After getting blown out by Missouri, 41-6, a Nebraska student suggests boycotting everything that has to do with the Cornhusker football squad.
Today in Hot Clicks
TV station shows Hooters contest instead of playoffs ... Toughest names in the NFL ... Joakim Noah sings ... Video: Solving Rubick's cube with feet.
Pop Culture Moment
Britney v. Lohan -- it's on!!
Odds and Ends
Playboy is traveling to Indiana to find some Hoosier hotties for its Girls of the Big Ten issue ... The Cincinnati football team is ranked No. 15 in the nation, seriously ... Kentucky students are not happy about a recent cartoon in the school paper.
Videos of the Day
Kansas Kicks K-State's Ass
In case you missed Kansas' upset over Kansas State on Saturday, here is a basic recap of what happened.
Erin Andrews Touched my Nose!
This is definitely the highlight of this Illinois fan's life.
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