October 12, 2007
The Links
Holiday Cheer

Would you spend $25 to pose for a holiday card with an Arizona cheerleader? :: Jerome Davis/Icon SMI
The holidays are right around the corner, and if you happen to live near Tucson and want to have the coolest Christmas card on the block, we recommend coughing up $25 to pose with an Arizona cheerleader.
Cheering Up Booty
From the moment he let SIOC into his apartment last year to shoot a Campus Cribs, John David Booty has been an SIOC fave, so it's sad to see him lose his starting job. But if you're reading this, John, we have something to cheer you up: USC Girls doing the booty shake.
Bye Bye Ivy League
Is it time to abolish the Ivy League? SIOC gives a resounding yes, but if you want a more educated look at the issue, two editors from the New Yorker debated it last weekend.
Notre Dame has Class
Even though Notre Dame is a 13.5-point underdog to Boston College, that doesn't mean fans should storm the field if the Fighting Irish pull of the upset this Saturday. After all, "Notre Dame is never an underdog against Boston College - regardless of its record."
The Best Television Athletic Performances

Before he was hanging out with Eva Longoria, A.C. Slater was a dominating wrestler at Bayside High. :: AP
We're not sure which is less realistic -- Will's dominating hoops performance in The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air or Slater's wrestling prowess in Saved by the Bell.
Today in Hot Clicks
Tony Romo breaks the 11th QB commandment ... The six degrees Of Vinny Testaverde ... The NFL's 10 homeliest cheerleaders ... Top 10 rap songs that white people love.
Pop Culture Nugget
We always wondered why Jessica Simpson would pimp herself out to Proactiv, until we found out her paycheck for doing the infomercials -- $3 million.
Odds and Ends
The University of Arizona is having a breast party ... Kansas fans don't like the Jayhawks' new font ... Notre Dame students can't agree on sidewalk etiquette ... mtvU is throwing an awards ceremony -- The Woodies.
Videos of the Day
Student Section Stretch
It's not just the athletes who endure a rugged pregame stretching routine.
Buckeye Smashes Michigan Van
Somewhere, Gallagher is smiling.
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