October 16, 2007
The Links
Soapbox Fun

Four of the participant's at Saturday's soapbox derby in Providence. :: AP
An estimated 50,000 spectators were on hand last Saturday to witness The Numerator 2.0 dominate Brown's annual soap box derby. The winning car -- which was shaped like a calculator -- was operated by a group of students from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.
Princeton's Problem
Forget declining graduation rates, increasing cost of operations and the problems that plague other major schools. Princeton has a bigger issue on its hands -- public urination.
Not Quite BFF
Leading up to last weekend's game, Syracuse coach Greg Robinson criticized Rutgers coach Greg Schiano and called the school a one-year wonder. So what was the postgame handshake like between the two coaches?
Best and Worst of Soulja Boy
We don't really understand the Souljah Boy phenomenon, but this is definitely the best version we've seen yet. And this is the worst.
Jalen's Last Laugh

Jalen Rose's homage to the Fab Five. :: AP
Jalen Rose felt like the University of Michigan was ignoring the accomplishments of the Fab Five, so he did what any former NBA star with too much money on his hands would do: He put up a billboard to honor them.
Today in Hot Clicks
Bodypaint causing controversy at football games ... Real Men of Genius: Mr. Unathletic Sports Talk Host ... Notre Dame drinking game ... Kimmel rips Theismann
Pop Culture Nugget
We could tell you about P Diddy facing assault charges after reportedly punching some guy in the face last weekend, but we decided to go with something more positive: NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams will be hosting Saturday Night Live next month.
Odds and Ends
Austin Scott, the Penn State RB kicked off the team after he was accused of rape by another student, tells his side of the story ... Nebraska fired AD Steve Pederson ... three months after giving him a five-year contract extension worth $2.5 million ... Another Notre Dame player has transferred, making 17 who have left since Charlie Weis took over less than three years ago.
Videos of the Day
Mike Hart for Heisman!
We also heard he cured cancer and found Osama bin Laden, but that didn't make its way onto this video.
Watch Your Mouth!
Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp gets his team fired up (Warning: swearing is involved).
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