October 22, 2007
The Links
Student v. Student-Athlete

Ohio State spent a lot more money on Ted Ginn than it did on this Ted Ginn fan.:: Peter Turnley/SI, David Bergman/SI
Just in case you thought students were on equal footing as student-athletes, we bring you this Wall Street Journal tidbit from a feature on Ohio State's $119 million athletic budget -- "The school spends about $110,000 on each of its 980 athletes, which is triple the amount the university spends per undergraduate on education."
Pride of the Gators
Tim Tebow may be the toast of Gainesville, but SIOC has a new Gator hero -- Stuart Muller -- who is trying to break the record for world's longest eyelash.
Dancing on the Grave
We were so freaked out by this video of a Trojan fan visiting Knute Rockne's grave that we had to figure out a way to quickly erase the memory. So here's a video of the USC song girls at boot camp.
Sign of the Year
Oklahoma sends a message to LSU fans ... which ESPN tries to ignore.
Bye, Bye Bobby?

Is Bobby Bowden looking for a new place to live? :: AP
Poor Bobby Bowden. On Saturday, he had to endure a tough 37-29 loss to rival Miami, only to wake up Sunday and find his house up for sale, courtesy of an angry Noles fan who wants the coach out.
Today in Hot Clicks
Hands off Jessica Biel ... Learn to do the Soulja Boy ... Jake the Snake's new career ... Bad NFL ideas
Pop Culture Nugget
Kid Rock and members of his entourage got into a brawl late Saturday night at an Atlanta Waffle House.
Odds and Ends
Keep your cell phone away from Bobby Knight ... Cornell and Brown are competing against each other -- we're just not sure we understand what they're competing in ... Syracuse students are learning the hard way not to steal music.
Videos of the Day
Boomer Sooner -- Acoustic Version
And we thought this bird's version of the Oklahoma fight song was impressive.
Vols Fans Gone Wild
If I was a Tennessee student, I'd be slightly embarrassed by this work of art.
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