October 23, 2007
The Links
Punishment for Celebrating

Red Sox fans may have extra homework if they can't control their celebrating. :: AP
Watch where you celebrate, Red Sox fans. Seventeen teenagers, most of them college students, were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct while celebrating the Red Sox's ALCS victory Sunday night. The crew went in front of the judge yesterday and were ordered to write a five-page essay on what they have each learned from the experience.
For the Ladies
As Halloween (a.k.a. -- a holiday for guys to hit on everything that moves) approaches, the crew at Campus Squeeze gives you the ultimate guide on how to spot a "dude."
Good Times at ASU
The hottest school in the nation just may be Arizona State. The football team is ranked No. 7 with little Elway set to join the squad next season, SIOC fave Brigid Mullen is rocking the Tempe 12 calendar and best of all, former Sun Devil great, Jake Plummer, has found his true calling ... handball.
Stay Classy
We give credit to this Oregon student for taking a stand against Ron Burgundy and other movies that "promote over-sexed stereotyping of women, overdone frat-boy humor and racist commentary."
Miles for President?

What do Les Miles and Ronal Reagan have in common? More than you think. :: AP
Les Miles has been called a lot of things this year, but Cajun Boy in the City comes up with one we've never heard -- Les Miles is Ronald Reagan.
Today in Hot Clicks
Hands off Jessica Biel ... Learn to do the Soulja Boy ... Jake the Snake's new career ... Bad NFL ideas
Pop Culture Nugget
Owen Wilson, Jessica Simpson and Woody Harrelson were all hanging out at Willie Nelson's Texas ranch over the weekend. And what they were doing? Racing lawn mowers, of course.
Odds and Ends
In the midst of a major drought in North Carolina, Duke is watering its synthetic turf field ... This USC Trainer is glad he came to work on Saturday ... In its last 55 conference matchups, NC State women's volleyball team is 1-54 ... After its amazing win over Michigan to start its season, Appalachian State may end up missing the FCS playoffs.
Videos of the Day
Dancing in the Bayou
An older LSU fan puts on a dance clinic.
Playboy Comes to Michigan
A Michigan history major talks about why she wants to be in Playboy's upcoming Girls of the Big 10 issue (courtesy of Ann Arbor News)
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