October 24, 2007
The Links
Problems in Happy Valley

Does Penn State have a porta-potty problem? :: Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI
Despite the rainy weather, a group of Nittany Lion fanatics lined up outside Paternoville yesterday trying to score tickets for Saturday's showdown against No. 1 Ohio State. But you may see about 107,282 unhappy campers come game day if the school doesn't do something about the woeful porta-potty situation.
Great Ideas in Gaming
In honor of Ping Cup, the new video game honoring the greatest sport of them all -- Beer Pong -- The Angry T comes up with another great idea for a video game.
Toughest Night Games
As BC prepares for its Thursday night tilt with Virginia Tech, Rizzo Sports comes up with college football's five toughest places to play at night.
Clueless Callahan
We hate to keep picking on Nebraska coach Bill Callahan, but as Mac G points out, his latest error is inexcusable and just might make him the dumbest coach in America.
Tale of Two Coaches

Did Notre Dame make a mistake when it gave Charlie Weis a 10-year extension? :: AP
As Notre Dame continues to flounder, and people continue to wonder why Charlie Weis got a 10-year extension after his first seven games as coach of the Irish, The College Hotline's Jon Wilner compares former coach Ty Willingham with Weis through both coach's first 33 games at Notre Dame.
Today in Hot Clicks
Romo's new squeeze ... Giuliani turns on Yankees ... The 10 best crying moments in sports ... Inspirational '80s songs
Pop Culture Nugget
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Seth MacFarlane said that he'd like to do four more seasons of Family Guy -- bringing the total up to 10 -- and then take the Griffins to the big screen with a series of movies.
Odds and Ends
Ron Dayne is getting his number retired at Wisconsin ... Surprise, surprise -- college tuition is on the rise ... Five Alabama players were suspended for "impermissible receipt of textbooks," but may play against LSU.
Videos of the Day
Blowing Up Brutus
Will this be the only victory Penn State gets this weekend.
Michigan-Appalachian State -- The Sequel
As if it didn't hurt enough the first time.
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