October 25, 2007
The Links
All Gators, All The Time

Watch out Florida students or you may get tased. :: Robert Beck/SI
UF is all over the news. A university report on the much-discussed taser incident revealed that the actions of UF police officers was "well within" policy guidelines. Meanwhile, a bad back will make Billy Donovan's life hell this season. But our favorite story focuses on former Gator (and current Miami Dolphin) Channing Crowder, who was surprised to learn that people spoke English in London. Let's hope he's kidding.
Top 25 College Football Rivalries
Arguing the top college football rivalry is like trying to pick the hottest member of The Pussycat Dolls. However, if you go by Stubhub's rankings of the 25 best selling games, the winner is the rivalry (loose definition of the word) between USC and Notre Dame.
Let the Competition Begin!
Here's one contest we can get behind -- The "Worst A Cappella Group of The Ivy League" tournament. Too bad Andy from The Office couldn't compete.
Bye, Bye Omaha?
It looks like the College World Series may finally be leaving Omaha, with the most likely destination being Indianapolis, Oklahoma City or Orlando. Somewhere, Kevin Costner is crying.
Like Looking in the Mirror?

Does Wanda Sykes look like Karl Dorrell? :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Larry Goren/Icon SMI
The Wizard of Odds takes a look at some college football coaches and players, and their celebrity look-a-like. Our favorite: Jabba the Hut and Kansas coach Mark Mangino.
Today in Hot Clicks
Which QB has the best looking wife/girlfriend? ... Dumbest football fines ever ... Guy dominates Tetris ... Super Manny fan.
Pop Culture Nugget
Borat (a.k.a. -- Sacha Baron Cohen) is being sued (again) by someone unhappy with the way they were portrayed in the movie.
Odds and Ends
Students at Williams College are having problems finding the toilet ... Why is Brady Quinn wearing a USC jersey ... Finally, someone speaks out against Soulja Boy.
Videos of the Day
IM Kings
If the Lawn Ducks' performance on the field is anything like this video, we're ready to declare them national champions.
Jump Around
One of our favorite traditions in college football -- Jump Around at the University of Wisconsin.
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