October 26, 2007
The Links
Costume Advice

A Halloween reminder -- don't be shy with your costume. :: John W. McDonough/SI
It's Halloween weekend and my new favorite writer, Rob Luce from College News, has a piece of advice for the ladies: Don't be afraid to dress sexy.
Bad Day For Brady
Poor Brady Quinn. His beloved Fighting Irish are 1-7, he has yet to take a snap as an NFL quarterback and was forced to wear a USC jersey as a result of a lost bet with Trojan alum Rodney Peete. At least he didn't dress up as one of the Village People during a wedding last year. Oh wait.
It's All In The Name
The Extrapolater runs down the list of best porn names among Big Ten football players. Our three favorites -- Marvin McNutt (QB, Iowa), Kirk DeCremer (DL, Wisconsin), Clint Huntrods (LS, Iowa).
Academic Advice From SIOC
Attention Ohio State students: Drop whatever you're doing, go to the registrars' office and switch your minor to Sexuality Studies. Where else can you take a class called "Sport and Sexuality" or "Women in Literature: Bad Girls in Fiction, Film, and TV." Just be sure not to piss off anyone from OSU's Pistol Club, who for some reason have decided to wear gun holsters on campus.
Sweet Lou

Lou Holtz had a lot to say about Nebraska in his weekly pep talk. :: AP
Everyone has been poking fun at Lou Holtz and his "pep talk" segment on ESPN, but we love it. Who else could get away with comparing major social issues (racism, sexism) with the plight of Nebraska's football program?
Today in Hot Clicks
Which QB has the best looking wife/girlfriend? ... Dumbest football fines ever ... Guy dominates Tetris ... Super Manny fan.
Pop Culture Nugget
Paris Hilton's first major philanthropic effort (remember her post-prison vow to be more charitable) -- a planned trip to Rwanda -- has been postponed.
Odds and Ends
Sorority girls at Florida really need to hold their liquor better ... Webster University students hate their mascot ... This UGA student really doesn't like his professor.
Videos of the Day
Dawg Love in Korea
Who knew Georgia traveled so far to recruit new fans?
College Football Tour Guy -- Washington
SIOC's favorite tailgater, Dan Rubenstein, checks in with another tailgate report.
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