November 01, 2007
The Links
Smart Spartans

Michigan State fans are preparing for Michigan. :: Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI
Go Spartans! In anticipation of this weekend's game against Michigan, Michigan State fans are stocking up on Appalachian State merchandise, though this T-shirt really says it all.
Best of the Cocktail Party
Just in case the College Football Tour Guy's tailgate video from Jacksonville didn't prove that the Florida-Georgia game brings the nation's best looking girls together, here's more definitive proof.
88 Fast Foods Most Likely to Kill You
Seeing that 12 of the top 15 items come from Jack in the Box or White Castle, we recommend staying away from those two establishments.
Separated at Birth
The Wizard of Odds steps it up with another batch of celebrity and college football look-a-likes. Our favorite: Georgia coach Mark Richt and Helen Hunt.
Tiger in the City

Ashley Olsen and Missouri fans have much in common. :: Travis Mathews/Icon SMI, Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
We had no idea life was so rough for Missouri fans living in New York City until we read this piece. On the plus side, Missouri is the alma mater of Sheryl Crow, who once dated Lance Armstrong, who is now hooking up with Ashley Olsen, which completely freaks us out.
Dressing Up
Two leftover Halloween links -- Arkansas teammates Darren McFadden and Felix Jones dressed like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble and College News' rundown of the nation's most haunted college campuses.
Today in Hot Clicks
Red Sox celebrate with celebrities ... Suggested theme songs for teams and athletes ... Most Ridiculous Team Names ... Free tacos TODAY.
Pop Culture Nugget
We were pretty broken up by Jessica Alba's declaration that she'll never appear nude in a movie, but this tidbit made us smile: Paris Hilton is being sued by a woman claiming Hilton stole her panty-flashing idea.
Odds and Ends
We're not even sure we understand this story, but someone is suing Tom Osbourne for being a god in Nebraska ... a Nevada basketball player went to a party, got beat up, robbed and kicked off the team ... The wildest bar in the nation is at Cornell. No, this is not a joke.
Videos of the Day
Saban's No. 1 Fan
With the Saban Bowl two days away, we show you just how happy one fan was to see the ex-LSU coach finally arrive in Tuscaloosa.
Missouri Fans Harass Kansas Student
In light of all the Ohio State-Penn State controversy, we thought we'd show you the correct way to pester a rival fan in your territory.
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