November 02, 2007
The Links
Spitting in the Face of Bear Bryant

Will LSU fans sport the houndstooth hats on Saturday? :: Bob Rosato/SI
The gauntlet has been thrown. In anticipation of this weekend's Saban Bowl, two LSU students are selling purple and gold houndstooth hats and started a Facebook group to get the entire LSU student section to wear one. Not to be outdone, the Tide have some interesting wardrobe options for the big game as well.
Eat This, Gatorade
In news that is sure to bring a smile to every college student's face, a study in Britain concluded that a post-workout beer is a better cure for dehydration than water.
NCAA's Most Annoying Fans
This is a little old, but with basketball season on the horizon, Maxim lists the five most annoying student sections in the nation.
Separated at Birth
He's not quite Gossip Girl, but Michigan senior Paul Tassi -- using the pen name Johnny Quest -- has been causing quite a stir on the Michigan campus by posting rankings of the hottest sorority pledge classes and which fraternity drugs and rapes women who attend its parties. On Sunday, he was forced to reveal his identity. Stay tuned next week when we bring you the story of how Tassi got his ass kicked by every fraternity on campus.
Cougar Hunting

We know where Jesica will be Sunday at 4 p.m. :: Courtesy of Jesica Calkins
The Patriots and Colts battle this weekend and we know of one fan who will end up happy no matter what the outcome. SIOC's cheerleader of the week -- Washington State's Jesica Calkins -- is both a Indianapolis and New England fan. We'd get mad at her, but these pics make it impossible.
Ranking the SEC Coaches
Memphis Tider -- an Alabama blog -- pretends a "bolt of purple lightning shot out of the sky, penetrated the LSU football offices and fried one Les Miles" and ranks the SEC coaches as potential replacements.
Today in Hot Clicks
Musical traditions in sports ... Best SNL music skits ...Dominating teams of this era ... Supermarket soccer.
Pop Culture Nugget
We've seen roughly 6,000 commercials for Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie, but can't figure out if it will be good or not. If this USA Today review is any indication, it should be as successful as the manzier.
Odds and Ends
Do officials treat USC differently? ... Virginia Tech may be looking for a new equipment manager ... Who knew Providence had so much nudity and produce? ... Ohio State QB Todd Boeckman deserves some Heisman love.
Videos of the Day
Tailgating at the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party
The College Football Tour Guy was in Jacksonville for all the festivities.
Buckeys-Badgers -- The Video
The Ohio State fan who made this clearly has a very twisted (and somewhat genius) mind.
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