November 07, 2007
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Hedgehog Meets Buckeyes

Ron Jeremy poses with a "lady friend." :: Steve Finn/Getty Images
Ron Jeremy (a Queens College grad, in case you were wondering) visited Ohio State on Sunday to debate the value of porn. We suggest every Buckeye rent a Ron Jeremy film, find a partner and get busy -- for no other reason to erase the memory of OSU's loss to Division 2 Findlay.
Lucky Vol?
We almost had a new hero -- Tennessee starting center Josh McNeil -- who was caught by police with three drunk women in his bed Saturday night. But this is not a Ron Jeremy movie -- the women were all friends of his girlfriend and McNeil will not be charged with anything.
The New King of Westwood?
Could Steve Spurrier be heading to UCLA? Bruins Nation makes the case.
The Big O
Forget the gender gap in wages and employment. A researcher at Stanford uncovered this nugget: When male and female college students hook up, 44 percent of men orgasm compared to 19 percent of their female partners.
Battle of the Insulting T-Shirts

Michigan and Michigan State engage in a T-shirt battle. ::
In anticipation of last Saturday's game against Michigan, Spartan fans created a T-shirt reminding the Wolverines of their early season loss to Appalachian State. Wolverine fans countered with a T-shirt about the Spartans hoop squad's loss to Grand Valley State. We suggest the two schools focus on a common enemy and buy this shirt instead.
Today in Hot Clicks
Let's welcome baseball to 1986 ... Cost per A-Rod RBI ... Vote for the Best and Worst sports announcers ... How did owners get their money?
Pop Culture Nugget
We were going to make fun of Tommy Lee Jones for co-hosting the Nobel Peace Prize concert for former Vice President Al Gore because, frankly, they could've found about 600 more relevant people to handle the task. But then we discovered that Jones and Gore were roommates at Harvard, and now we feel stupid.
Odds and Ends
Syracuse's starting QB Andrew Robinson's cracked rib has nothing to do with him spending the night on the floor of a friend's at Penn State ... A Maine hockey player is in hot water for randomly grabbing a woman's breast ... The internet has made it easier for fans to abuse athletes.
Videos of the Day
Henne Takes a Spill
Whether you're an everyday Joe or the starting QB of the Michigan football squad, falling down is embarrassing.
The Queen of Dunk
We're not sure what we enjoy more, 6-foot-5 high school junior (and soon-to-be Baylor Bear) Brittney Griner's dunks or the reaction of her teammates.
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