November 08, 2007
The Links
The Strangest Tradition in College Sports

Testudo, the Maryland mascot, will soon become a Bar Mitzvah. :: Mark Goldman/Icon SMI
There comes a time in every Jewish boy's life when he accepts the responsibilities of manhood and becomes a Bar Mitzvah. And apparently, mascots are getting in on the fun, too.
GameDay in ... Williamstown?
Yes, ESPN is heading to Williamstown on Saturday for the "biggest little game in America" between Williams and Amherst. We tried to find video of Williams College fans, but could only find a bunch of a cappella performances by students (though we did love this rendition of Umbrella, especially the dancing).
The Two Sides of Charlie
While it's been a dismal season for Charlie Weis and Notre Dame football, let's not forget that coach Crew Cut is capable of doing some pretty good deeds. Of course, that still doesn't excuse this miserable performance.
Maybe Not the Best Idea
UGA is busting out the black uniforms for Saturday's battle against SEC rival Auburn. Unfortunately, the jerseys bear a little too much resemblance to those of a certain other Georgia athlete who isn't exactly a role model.
Rich and Poor College Football Towns

Palo Alto, home of Stanford, is not a cheap place to live. ::
Our friends at Coldwell Banker have published their annual list of the most (and least) expensive college football towns, based on the price of an average home (and by average, we mean a 2,220-foot, 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home with a family room and two-car garage). Let's just say the real estate in Muncie, Ind., isn't quite on par with that of northern California.
Today in Hot Clicks
Let's welcome baseball to 1986 ... Cost per A-Rod RBI ... Vote for the Best and Worst sports announcers ... How did owners get their money?
Pop Culture Nugget
George Clooney and Fabio got into a shoving match at a Los Angeles restaurant over the weekend. So yes, Fabio is still alive.
Odds and Ends
Should Suge Knight be allowed to roam the Trojan sideline? ... We loved Roy Williams' Halloween costume ... Maryland student (and SIOC writer) Mark Selig played HORSE with Terrapin guard Greivis Vasquez ... Whatever happened to the Hail Mary?
Videos of the Day
Tailgating in Tuscaloosa

The CFTG visited Alabama for last Saturday's Saban Bowl.

Dancing with the Vols

If we could only get Pat Summitt and Bruce Pearl to join in on the fun.

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