November 09, 2007
The Links
The Top 10 College Football Revenue Programs

UGA's football program is raking in the dough :: Bill Frakes/SI
Texas may rake in the most money, but the University of Georgia is turning the highest profit. Check out the rest of the list.
The Hottest Girlfriend in College Football ...
... Belongs to Sam Keller, who has this lovely young lady (and Tempe 12 model) to help him heal from a season-ending shoulder injury.
Not a Bad Bump in Pay
Andy Winemiller, a Heidelberg College political science major, was promoted from intern to Services and Safety Director of Lorain, Ohio. The job pays $7,500 a month (a substantial raise from his intern wage of $7.50 an hour).
Tailgate Nation -- The Pics
Time Magazine brought out the big guns (acclaimed photographer David Burnett) to criss-cross the nation for a photo essay on tailgating.
The Other Durant
Did you know Kevin Durant has an older brother, Tony, who is a forward at Towson University?
Iowa City Celebrates

Iowa City bars will be packed with 19-year-olds. :: Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI
Good news for Iowa city residents between the ages of 19 and 21. You are now legally entitled to go into a bar and watch other people drink. A proposed ban that would restrict anyone under the age of 21 from entering a bar did not receive enough votes to pass.
Today in Hot Clicks
Erin Andrews talks to us!! ... Which NBA player has the best sneaker? ... Greatest moments in halftime show history.
Pop Culture Nugget
We don't know what is going on with Christina Ricci. She used to look like this. Now she looks like this. Can we stage an intervention or something?
Odds and Ends
It's safe to say that Oregon's Dennis Dixon isn't exactly challenging himself academically this semester ... In case you ever wanted to be an official college football fanatic, here are the rules ... A Pitt student is taking a stance against Souljah-Boy.
Videos of the Day
Bye Bye Orange Bowl

Miami will say goodbye to the Orange Bowl on Saturday, so here is a tribute to the greatest play in the old stadium -- Doug Flutie's Hail Mary.

The Garnder-Webb Dance Team

As if beating Kentucky wasn't enough, SIOC has one more reason to love Gardner-Webb.

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