November 12, 2007
The Links
Tuscaloosa to Welcome a New Friend?

Alabama students want to bring an elephant to campus. :: Bill Frakes/SI
As if the presence of Nick Saban wasn't enough, Alabama wants to bring a live elephant to campus during football games to bolster school spirit.
Room Service
This is one of the more interesting things we've come across. A reporter looks at the hotel bills of both North Carolina and North Carolina State from the football team and staff's stay the night before a home game.
10 Things I Hate as a College Football Fan
While we agree with most of the list, we take issue with the author saying that Lou Holtz becoming senile is a bad thing. His pep talks have become one of the most entertaining parts of our week. We just want that toupee to come off and it'd be the best television moment of the year.
GameDay Signs of the Week
ESPN's College GameDay was in Williamstown, Mass. this Saturday, and the signs were a little tepid compared with what we usually see from the big school. Though we loved the one that read: The Amherst QB is a virgin.
Psycho T and His Big Mouth

Tyler Hansbrough will not leave Chapel Hill without a national championship. :: AP
We love Tyler Hansbrough (and not just because he published these embarrassing photos on his Web Site) but we think he'll be in Chapel Hill for a while if he plans on staying until the Tar Heels win a national championship.
Today in Hot Clicks
Amanda Beard's new gig ... Dennis Rodman to WNBA? ... Leaf-blower hockey sweeping through Canada.
Pop Culture Nugget
Jim and Pam may be a couple on The Office, but in real life, it looks like Jim chose Karen instead.
Odds and Ends
Remember how NBC news anchor Brian Williams hosted Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago -- well, his daughter (and Yale sophomore) was quite proud of his performance ... Even ex-Notre Dame players aren't happy with Charlie Weis ... Will fraternities embrace corporate sponsors? ... Home games at Cameron Indoor Stadium aren't the hot seller they once were.
Videos of the Day
Dancing the Irish Blues

Maybe all Notre Dame fans should take a cue from this fan and dance the pain away.

Not Quite Sportsman of the Year

We don't think Utah's Kyle Whittingham and Wyoming's Joe Glenn will be at each other's Christmas dinner next month.

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