November 13, 2007
The Links
Rock, Chalk, Nosebleed

Kansas students better bring their binoculars for the game against Missouri. :: Scott Sewell/Icon SMI
In what is being called the Great Ticket Fiasco of 2007, Kansas fans waited in an eight-hour line for tickets to the Nov. 24 game against Missouri, only to discover that the tickets were way up in the nosebleed section. We recommend every Jayhawk fan receive a hug from this man as compensation.
If College Coaches were U.S. presidents
We can see Pete Carroll as Bill Clinton -- they both have that majestic gray hair thing going, but Les Miles as Ronald Reagan ... not so much.
Tales from Campus
We just loved this story: A Michigan State student ran over the foot of a parking enforcement officer who was about to tow her car. We didn't love this story: An Oregon State fan was arrested after he was seen hitting a crying 11-year-old boy during the Beavers game on Saturday.
We Win??
Colorado and Iowa State had just about the most confusing ending to a game in college football history, but somehow, the Cyclones pulled out a three-point victory. More amusing was the reaction of these confused Iowa State fans (Warning: lots of swearing so put on your headphones.)
College Athlete of the Year

Should competitive eating be an NCAA sportJoey Chestnut be :: AP
Is it time to make competitive eating an offical NCAA sport? We say yes, especially after watching this video of Joey Chestnut inhaling 28 Krystal burgers in two minutes.
Today in Hot Clicks
Amanda Beard's new gig ... Dennis Rodman to WNBA? ... Leaf-blower hockey sweeping through Canada.
Pop Culture Nugget
Conservationists in India are praising Paris Hilton for speaking out on the epidemic of drunk elephants. No, this is not a joke.
Odds and Ends
For Duke fans, we have 10 Reasons to dislike Tyler Hansbrough ... For UNC fans, we have the inside scoop on Duke's newest big man, Kyle Singler ... One of Cal's tree sitters took a nasty fall ... Iowa is paying departments to switch classes to Friday.
Videos of the Day
So You Think You Can Dance?

This Clemson student certainly thinks so (thanks to Big Ten Tailgate for the tip).

Peformance of the Year

We can't say enough good things about the Cal band performing our favorite video games theme songs.

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