November 14, 2007
The Links
Whining in Morgantown

West Virginia fans are sick of being cold. :: AP
From the "stop complaining and suck it up" department, West Virginia officials are complaining that the school plays too many games in the cold weather. In related news, residents of the equator complained that it's too humid.
Equality in South Bend
Speaking of Notre Dame, a group of students believe that the Notre Dame Victory March, one of the country's most-familiar college rallying cries, should be updated to include women.
Students Speak Out At Indiana
Indiana students are fed up with not having a real student section in Assembly Hall -- and have created a Web Site to prove it.
We Doubt You Care But ...
Lehigh and Lafayette, the longest-running rivalry in college football (143 years and counting), will square off again this Saturday.
Sophie's Choice: Notre Dame v. Duke

Who are you rooting for -- Notre Dame or Duke? :: Scott Sewell/Icon SMI
The college football world is abuzz about this weekend's matchup between Duke and Notre Dame. Blue Devil fans have started a petition to get fans in their corner, while another blog thinks picking a winner for this game is like choosing between gonorrhea and syphilis.
Today in Hot Clicks
Sexiest sideline reporters ... Ask Erin Andrews a question ... Football fans know how to have fun ... Bonds' new gig.
Pop Culture Nugget
We've always been on the fence with Sarah Michelle Gellar -- sometimes she looks incredibly hot, other times she looks like she's 53. But after checking out this Maxim spread, we can officially declare her as smoking hot.
Odds and Ends
A study by the University of Michigan revealed that women get served slower than men at coffee shops ... Duke football may not know how to win, but three of the school's students won MTV Awards ... Oregon State got royally screwed in its loss to Washington on Saturday.
Videos of the Day
Best Souljah-Boy Video Ever

I know -- we're sick of Souljah-Boy too, but this video is hands-down the best we've seen. And after this, we promise never to show or mention him again in Campus Clicks.

Campus Cribs Video -- USC Football

We thought our John David Booty Cribs was a score, until we saw this video.

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