November 16, 2007
The Links
Cheer Up, Ducks!!

Things aren't as bad is they seem for Oregon students. :: Courtesy of Oregon Cheer
Sure, Oregon was on its way to a BCS title game until last night's loss to Arizona, but don't feel bad for Oregon. They still have a $100 million donation from Nike head honcho Phil Knight, this scary looking writer (and New Edition fan) and Saturday night's Diwali celebration. Oh yeah, they also have some of the nation's best-looking cheerleaders.
Top 10 Least Intimadating College Mascots
In honor of Bucky Badger, who was beat up by North Dakota State defenseman Joe Finley on Saturday, we present the nation's 10 least intimidating college mascots
Nip/Tuck for Saban?
Has Nick Saban undergone a little cosmetic enhancement since his days at Michigan State? Losers with Socks makes a pretty compelling case.
Digger Phelps: Coach, Analyst ... and Actor?
After listening to Digger Phelps lead a Notre Dame pep rally in 1977 and again in 2006, it's no huge surprise that he set his eyes on a bigger prize -- a starring role in an off-Broadway play.
Coaches on the Hot Seat
Charlie Weis isn't the only big name coach hearing it from the critics. At South Carolina, fans aren't very happy with the Old Ball Coach.
Mean Move of the Week
A group of six Columbia students went on a hunger strike this week -- living off only Gatorade and tea -- in protest of several university policies. So just to be total jerks, the Columbia University College Republicans protested the protesters by setting up a table of donuts and soda facing the hungry half-dozen.
Saved by The Hills

Lauren Conrad changed the life of one URI student. :: Scott Gries/Getty Images
Who says MTV is killing the minds of our generation? This University of Rhode Island student writes about how Lauren Conrad -- and the way she won't take any you-know-what from old BFF Heidi Montag -- changed her life.
Today in Hot Clicks
Best sports and female celebrities in HDTV ... Seedy underbelly of live sports ... Marbury's secret intel on Isiah ... NFL roster made up of comic book heroes
Pop Culture Nugget
What do you do when you're the 19-year-old daughter of two A-List celebs, but somehow managed to not inherit the good looks of either parent? You become Miss Golden Globe.
Odds and Ends
Yesterday was National Go to Class Drunk Day. Did you participate? ... UWire has its 10-minute guide to the NCAA women's soccer tournament ... NBC's Heroes is really inspiring one Maine student
Videos of the Day
Michigan-Ohio State (circa 1927)

Just in case you didn't think there was any history behind the rivalry.

Mascot Surfing

The pride of Weber State -- Waldo the Wildcat -- goes for a surf.

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